25 Brick Patio Design Ideas

Welcome to our gallery of brick patio design ideas. We’ve put together a collection of backyard patios featuring brick, flagstone and pavers for ideas and inspiration. Building a brick patio in your yard can be a great way to design your own perfect backyard retreat without spending tons of time and money. Brick patios are perfect for those who want their own DIY project and are great for creating a flow from the interior to the exterior of your home.

In the picture above this patio uses square stone pavers for its floors to delineate itself from the chevron pattern brick walkway. A decorative fence with brick pillars and wood posts surround the backyard with seating around a modern firepit.

Brick Patio Ideas

Cobblestone bricks arranged in a simple running bond pattern is the material of choice for this quaint patio area. For brick patio design ideas the sky’s the limit with what you can achieve by bringing in different decor pieces and furniture styles. Modern furniture and a zen like statue can easily introduce an energetic vibe to the space.

The herringbone layout of these brick pavers gives this patio a more dynamic and interesting appeal. A large outdoor sectional couch is great for maximizing the outdoor living space for entertaining and relaxation.

Brick patio design ideas that use different color bricks can be a creative way to add contrast and interest to a patio. The use of smaller, square bricks with various tones of color makes this covered patio look pixelated, giving it a very unique look. An outdoor kitchen overlooking the swimming pool with plenty of outdoor seating makes this patio perfect for outdoor living.

Rustic brick tiles in herringbone pattern with tie bond gives this romantic patio its rustic and timeless appeal. Flowering plants, hedges, decorative wrought iron windows and a large fountain give this space the feel of an old world Italian villa.

A round fire pit area which is covered with herringbone bricks and framed with large stones in a color matching the brick tiles. A stepping stone path leads across the lawn from the patio with its l-shaped pergola with decorative pillars.

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A simple pool-side patio area which uses 90 degree herringbone bricks for the floors.

A small, round patio area uses brick tiles in a basket weave pattern to create a more stable surface for the garden chairs. This brick space is great to take in the lake views.

Antique natural-cut bricks in basket weave pattern gives this covered patio its romantic and classic appeal. A large wood pergola with trellis allows creeping vines to give the space a romantic appeal.

Terracotta bricks give a bold orange pop of color in this small garden patio area. The bricks used uses a basket weave layout which perfectly complements the architectural details of the house. A cozy wood bench allows visitors to enjoy the space.

This small patio uses another variation of basket weave layout for its brick pavers to give it this look. A swinging bench with pergola top is great for enjoying this backyard area with a loved one.

This large patio area uses darker pavement bricks, arranged in an 8″ tie pattern, creating small grid lines in the large space. Palms trees give this space a tropical feel.

The small patio area of this garden uses terracotta brick pavers in a basket weave pattern and cut in a wavy line along the edges to create an illusion of a natural transition between the paved patio and the lawn. A small pergola can provide a little shade for those sitting here.

This covered patio area is placed against brick-covered walls, and therefore uses the same material for its flooring. Using the same antique bricks, the floors uses a  stack bond pattern to make it look different from the normal running bond bricks on the walls. Synthetic resin wicker chairs gives a similar look to rattan furniture and is great for use outside, as it holds up well in the weather and is easy to maintain.

Using a darker red shade of bricks, this rustic outdoor patio even adapts a rustic brick pattern for its pavement, giving it a timeless look. A stone wall with built-in barbecue separates the patio from the lawn area.

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What’s unique about this small patio area is that the basket weave pattern bricks were arranged diagonally, making it look more visually-appealing. The brick patio continues the look of the home’s brick exterior making it aesthetically pleasing.

A lovely covered patio area which uses terracotta bricks in herringbone pattern for its flooring, providing you a stable floor surface for the furniture pieces.

This backyard has a massive open patio area which uses basket weave bricks all-over. Brick steps lead to the home’s back entrance while additional steps surround both sides of the swimming pool.

Cobblestone bricks in shades of gray, red and orange was the material of choice for this lovely patio area. This backyard patio is great for taking in the golf course green views.

This large open area uses a variation of the running bond pattern, using terracotta brick pavers. The circular brick design surrounds a massive oak tree that provides shade for the space.

A small patio using cobblestone pattern bricks with tie of the outer framing, helping you visually separate the garden area from the patio.

This is a fairly large patio area which uses perfectly-cut bricks in basket weave pattern with tie bond framing. A large brick fireplace makes this space a great spot for night time entertaining. Brick patio design ideas that utilize fire pits of outdoor fireplaces can help you get more enjoyment from your patio and are a great selling point for future home buyers.

A semi-circular patio area with gazebo and fireplace area which uses cobble stone bricks with tie bond framing.

Many brick patio design ideas use bricks arranged in a pattern to create an appealing style. Above dark red brick pavers arranged in a herringbone pattern with tie bond frame was the material of choice for this covered patio area.

This patio also uses dark red bricks in a variety of sizes, giving it an ashlar slate pattern. Mature trees and flowing potted plants give this backyard a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.



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