Trendy Ways To Transform Your Living Room Corner Space

Decorating a living room corner space is all about finding the perfect balance between functionality and the design theme that you have in the room.

Giving an awkward living room corner a stylish makeover can be a demanding task.

Usually, the complexity lies in making the right choice in relation to the rest of the room.

While some rooms demand a total corner makeover, others look stunning with simple, minimal additions.

Sometimes, a simple glass wall that opens up the living room to the outdoors for a cheerful, airy appeal can do the trick.

Have a look at some truly creative ideas how to give a new dimension to your corner space!

1. Stylish Sectional Couch


Style and charm

Incorporating a sectional sofa is the easiest way to decorate a living room corner space.

Furthermore, sectionals work well in small spaces where every inch counts.

For extra functionality, add pendant lights or wall sconces and use the space as a reading nook as well.

Above, a custom sofa adds stylish seating to this fabulous space. Photo: Credit

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2. Bring Some Fire!


Functionality and modernity


Freestanding corner fireplaces are an easy-to-install option that instantly grabs attention. Photo: Credit

They offer functionality and add touches of modernity.

3. Cozy Nook


Adorable space


If you are short on space, a simple yet functional reading nook is a working solution.

All you need to create a practical, relaxing spot, is a comfy chair, side table, ottoman, and ample lighting. Photo: Credit

4. Conversation Spot


What a space!

Corner conversation spots are another popular solution.

Although decor ideas vary from minimalist Asian-style setting to elaborate designs, all you need to do is opt for decor and accessories that complement your living room couch and are a natural extension of the existing decor.

Above, a unique conversation hub in a sophisticated neutral living room. Photo: Credit

5. Stylish Workspace


Well-organized working space


If you can’t organize a dedicated home office, living room corners are a practical solution.

Add an ergonomic chair, some floating shelves, a working desk and voilà, you can spend the evening working and keeping an eye on the latest news at the same time. Photo: Credit


6. Shelving units, displays, sculptural additions, and greenery



Charm and personality


Use every inch of vertical space with custom-made corner shelves that double as chic living room displays and bring aesthetic value.

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Simple yet eye-grabbing sculptural additions, art installations, and natural potted plants are also options for your living room corner space.

Any of these decor solutions can easily and instantly transform the vibe of your living room.

Furthermore, you can switch between these corner additions with changing trends and seasons.

Above, an oversized potted plant positioned in the corner adds freshness to this elegant living room. Photo: Credit

7. Light It Up with Style!


Enliven your space


If not ready to use decor solutions demanding too much work, make a statement with a stunning floor lamp. Photo: Credit

An oversized light fixture is a choice, which can enliven your living room and add touches of modernity to the space.



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