Traditional Living Rooms

Traditional living rooms are all about coziness, comfort, calmness, symmetry, elegance, rich colors, texture, and Old-world charm.

A sofa complemented by a pair of matching armchairs and a coffee table is an essential décor element in any traditional living room.

Wood furniture pieces, such as side tables and chests in dark colors with a gloss finish add to the timeless look.

Rich, earthy colors and nature-inspired patterns for fabrics, wallpaper, and rugs lend these spaces a spectacular, unmistakable look.

Moldings, trims, woodwork, coffered ceilings, and more create architectural interest.

Ornate multilayered window treatment, a range of stylish accessories, and eye-grabbing lighting fixtures are definitely must-haves.

1. The Basics

Fireplaces, usually ornate, stunning millwork, crown moldings/commonly glossy white/, hardwood flooring, and exposed ceiling wood beams are key elements that lend these spaces an unmistakable, classic look.

Exposed ceiling beams

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Above, a fascinating Tuscan-inspired traditional living room with a distinctive architectural character. In different shades of brown, this room with an extensive use of natural wood exudes coziness, warmth, and harmony. A dramatic fireplace makes a stunning focal point. A pair of matching sofas creates a comfortable seating arrangement. Unique coffee and side tables add artistic touches and extra doses of visual interest. Accessories also add to the elegance of the space. Potted flowers bring color and freshness.

When it comes to traditional living room color palette, you simply can’t go wrong with rich, earthy colors, such as creams, grays, browns, and greens, whether soft, pastel variations or bright, intense ones. Jewel hues, as well as classic combos/blue and white, yellow and green/, are also a surefire choice. For touches of modernity, try with some truly fresh pairing, such as pastel turquoise and coral or citron yellow and marine blue.

Living room in gray

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In the picture above, an elegant, flooded with natural light living room in shades of gray. Stylish furniture offers comfortable seating. An ottoman repurposed as a coffee table adds visual interest. An oversized mirror positioned on the mantel creates a sense of space. A collection of photos adds personal touches to the space. Throw pillows and flowers bring extra color. What a charming space!

Florals, stripes, and plaids are commonly used patterns.

Floral-patterned fabrics

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Above shown, a truly intriguing traditional living room. Floral-patterned upholstery, throw pillows, an area rug, and valances stand out against the background of a wooden wall and flooring. Ornate fireplace, mirror frame, and sconces add artistic touches. Flowers bring freshness, scent, and extra charm. This space is definitely all about warmth, coziness, softness, and harmony.

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Usually yet not necessarily, light colors are used for the walls, while fabrics for the window treatment and upholstery are in deeper, darker hues.

Leather, silk, and velvet are widely incorporated, which helps create textural, luxury, sophisticated interiors.

Leather furniture

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In the picture above, an elegant traditional living room. A leather furniture set complemented by matching ornate coffee and side tables stand out against the background of the light-painted walls and lend the space a classic Old-world look. An area rug adds extra color and texture. Plenty of greenery brings freshness. Truly impressive!

2. Furnishings and Accessories

As already mentioned, traditional living rooms are all about comfort, hominess, refinement, and harmony. Furniture plays a vital role in creating the overall symmetrical, coordinated, orderly, unmatchable look of these spaces, as well as a sense of coziness, warmth, calmness, and elegance.

Usually, face-to-face positioned in the center of the room groupings of furniture, whether a couch and armchairs, two couches, or a couch complemented by a love seat, a settee, an ottoman and/or a day bed, are upholstered, with soft, smooth lines and ornate, curved legs and lend the space a symmetrical, balanced, consistent look. These groupings offer adequate, comfortable seating for family gatherings or entertaining with friends. Commonly used, custom-made skirts add personality and help soften the look of the furniture pieces. Coffee and side tables and bar carts, sometimes glass topped, are must-have décor items.

On a side note, as it makes the room look and feel cramped, avoid using too large furniture pieces in too small spaces.

Furniture is of classic design, with a timeless look. Incorporating modern furniture and art pieces is not recommended.

When furniture is wooden, it is immensely ornate with intricate carvings, which adds extra doses of opulence to these spaces.

Plenty of throw pillows and throws create a sense of comfort and are a way to add color, pattern, and texture.

Magnificent furniture

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In the picture above, a traditional living room with a distinctive architectural character, which exudes elegance, luxury, and sophistication. Intricately ornate walls and furniture lend this space a classic, timeless look. Stunning transom windows offer adequate natural light. Strikingly framed, an oversized mirror positioned just above the fireplace creates a sense of space. A magnificent chandelier adds sparkle and glam. An area rug, throw pillows, matching wall sconces, and tastefully used accessories complete the look of this truly breathtaking living room.

Built-ins, bookcases, and open shelving are some of the common traditional living room storage options.

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For both functional and decorative purposes, luxury curtains complemented by cornices and valances and area rugs are definitely a must. These furnishings soften the look of the space, help create a cozy atmosphere and a sense of warmth, and offer a way to add texture and pattern. Furthermore, they can embellish any room and take it to the next level.

Mirrors, usually with fancily decorated gilt or wooden frames, are also usually incorporated in traditional living rooms.

Traditional area rug

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In the above-shown picture, a traditional living room in earthy colors, which exudes warmth and coziness. A coffered ceiling offers visual and architectural interest. This space with magnificent furniture pieces provides adequate seating. An area rug and simply gorgeous curtains add to the elegance of the space. An oversized potted plant and a piece of wall art bring color and artistic touches.

Commonly, overhead lighting is complemented by wall sconces and floor and table lamps and also serves both functional and decorative purposes.

Breathtaking lighting

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Above shown, a glamorous living room with a distinctive architectural character and Old-world charm and elegance. This space offers adequate natural light and comfortable seating. A floor-to-ceiling fireplace is complemented by an oversized mirror with an ornate frame. Breathtaking crystal chandeliers add sparkle and touches of luxury and sophistication. A pair of matching table lamps positioned on elegant side tables adds to the harmonious look of the space. Flowers bring a splash of color and freshness.

As for the purely decorative items, collections of books, pieces of art, flowers/both potted ones and cut arrangements/, as well as pairs of matching urns, vases, and candleholders, which help add to the balanced, harmonious look of these spaces, are usually included to accessorize traditional living rooms.

Stylish accessories

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Above, an inviting traditional living room with an eye-grabbing turquoise coffered ceiling. A ceiling trim adds extra doses of architectural interest. A couch complemented by a pair of armchairs offers comfortable seating. A mirror coffee table, art pieces, a pair of candleholders, and other décor details add sparkle, color, and visual interest.

Symmetry and harmony

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In the above-shown neutral traditional living room, the incorporation of matching pairs of wall sconces, candleholders, and armchairs lends the space a harmonious, balanced look. Small-scale accessories add extra visual interest. Plenty of greenery brings color and freshness.

Whether with a formal or casual, relaxed look, traditional living rooms are synonymous with Old-world charm and elegance, coziness, calmness, symmetry, and timeless appeal.




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