How To DIY Painted Rock Flowers Garden

There is no better way to spend the summer days than spending them with something interesting in the garden.

It is even better if what you are up to is not very difficult and doesn’t require special materials or tools.

Today, I decided to show you how I made flowers from painted rocks to create a gorgeous garden decoration.

Everything for this DIY project is very easy and quick, plus no special skills are needed apart from painting with spray paint but this is easy-peasy.

If you prefer watching a video, here it is:


  • Stones of appropriate shape – it is better if they are flat and of a shape similar to a petal. I used river stones because those were on hand. Don’t worry if the stones are not of that perfect shape becuase after you have arranged them in a flower pattern, they instantly get a better shape 🙂 Choose different in size rocks and divide them into groups of 6 – they should be as more identical in size as possible and 1 smaller for the middle.
  • Ordinary rocks – to make a border edge around the rock flower garden. For that step you have more freedom for you can pick all types of stones as long as they are of similar size.
  • Different colors acrylic spray paints – the more the better, use plenty of pastel colors so the more colorful the “flowers” will be. You can find such sprays at the hardware stores on a budget.
  • Clear spray for sealing – you can skip it, however, it will protect the paint on the rocks and the color coat will last for longer.

Variations of Making This Rock Flowers Garden:

The painted rocks are laid straight onto the grass.

Pros: Easier for initial set up, cheaper and in my opinion- more attractive.

Cons: In time the grass will grow and hide the stones. To trim it, you need to take away the stones and rearrange them again and again after each trimming.

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The painted rocks are laid onto a preliminary prepared base

Could be mulch, pebbles, dirt or another mixture that will stop the growth of grass.

Pros: You don’t have to move the rocks to trim your grass. Once arranged, the rock flower garden doesn’t require any maintenance.

Cons: This option is more expensive and the initial set up of the stones-harder. Preparation of the base requires more effort and time.

How Can You Arrange The Rock Flowers

It’s all up to you – you can create any pattern you like. You can mix colors – make one-colored flowers or multi-colored flowers.

How To Make Painted Rocks Garden Flowers

Find and collect stones for the flowers – in a suitable shape and quantity.

For each flower you need 6 rocks that recreate the petals and one round stone for the middle.

Group the stones according to their size so that the petals are of a similar size.

Before painting them, set the stones in the flower patterns they will actually be formed into afterward.

A hint to make this step easier – create a chart with the colors you will use.

I have given a sample for a color chart below that I have used for my flowers.

Prepare your spray paint cans and a large pad where you are going to place the rocks and coat them – cardboard, paper or plywood.

Be aware that paper and cardboard can stick to the rocks so you need to renew them after every sprayed color.

Arrange all stones that will be coated in the same color onto the pad.

You can also combine petals and middle round stones when they are going to be of the same color.

Start painting by spraying at a distance of around 20-40 cm to avoid leaking of the paint.

The color doesn’t have to be too saturated, aim to make a coat that hides the stone surface beneath.

Spray paint one side first.

When it has dried, flip the stone over and spray.

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The time to cure depends on several factors, however, it won’t take more than 30 minutes.

The painted rocks can be left on newspaper pages waiting to be arranged in the garden.

These are the acrylic sprays I used. Painting can be done with Rustoleum or other similar brands.

Now that all stones are painted, we need to start preparing the ground.

Choose a free area from your garden with a rectangular shape measuring approximately 1- 1.5 m by 4 – 5 m (shape and size of the garden area are not mandatory, your rock flower garden can be of any size and shape).

Edge the chosen space with the rocks you have left after picking up the most suitable ones for forming the flowers or just use whichever you already have. In my case, I outlined a rectangular.

After the edging is done, the best part of the project comes – arranging the flowers from painted rocks.

First, place the central round stone and arrange subsequently and equally the petal stones.

If they don’t look symmetrical, keep on arranging them until you are happy with the look.

I haven’t used any complex pattern, just changed the places of the flowers until I was happy with the result.

The more flowers you have painted, the more colorful your rock flower garden will be.

Here is how the garden looks when finished and when the rocks are placed directly on the grass.

Another photo here.

Option Number 2

You have to prepare the ground – you can use a plain nylon sheet as a pad or a special one that prevents weed and grass to go through it.

As a backsplash for the rock flowers, use soil, fertilizer or mulch. In my case, I decided to use fertilizer.

Spread it evenly and level it until a homegeneous surface is achieved.

Then, arrange the painted rock flowers as you like and voila – you have made the second option of the rock flower garden.

I like it both ways so it is up to you to choose the one you like most.

Another picture of the rock flowers garden 🙂



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