Exciting Ways To Add Yellow To Your Living Room

Yellow is a versatile color, which usually infuses spaces with cheerful charm and works well with other bright colors to create rooms with personality.

Versatile and adaptable, with a wide range of hues and shades, yellow usually adds cheerfulness to any space.

Plan carefully your color scheme and use yellow to lend your living room a trendy appeal and inimitable elegance.

You can choose from an array of exciting ways how to add this magical, mesmerizing color.

It can be used to brighten up a room with little natural light, give cozy ambiance to airy interiors, or highlight décor pieces or architectural features.

In addition, it can be combined with other bright colors to create spaces with unique personality.

1. Cheerful Accent Hue


Cheerful elegance


From pops of yellow splattered all across the room to more apparent additions like a cozy couch in a dashing shade of yellow, this color is an appealing option to add cheerfulness to your living room.

Furthermore, if you opt for the easiest way – using throw pillows with a unique pattern, you will add both color and texture, as shown in the picture above. Photo: Credit

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2. Warm Neutral Backdrop


Inviting living room


If bored of using gray, beige, and white as a backdrop, try with soft yellows, they can serve as perfect neutrals, which lend the space an elegant, inviting, contemporary look. Photo: Credit

3. Subtle Shades of Yellow


Living room in beach style


However, if you work carefully, you can always use the above-mentioned approaches together.

If yellow makes you happy, feel free to use a shade you like most, from bright acid yellow to lemon yellow to subtle shades that borrow from the golden rays of dawn to touches of neon yellow to create an elegant backdrop or an eye-grabbing focal point. Photo: Credit

4. Show Your True Stripes!


Yellow Stripes


If not happy with simple shades or bold blocks of color, transform your living room with yellow stripes, they make a style statement.

Use your creativity; adding stripes does not mean just painting the wall. Incorporate rugs, decor additions, and throw pillows with stripes or chevron pattern to make an instant impact. Photo: Credit

5. Color Combos



Golden Yellow


When it comes to creating color combos, you have an array of options to choose from.

Yellow accents shine through a black-and-white living room. Introduce a hint of gray that acts as a bridge between colors. However, try to keep the backdrop as neutral as possible.

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Combining vibrant shades of blue and yellow is also a wonderful way to add some refreshing charm to your space.

Yellow and orange and yellow and green complement each other to create elegant, organic interiors.

Adding a golden glint is another trendy way to use yellow in your decor, as in the above-shown living room. Photo: Credit

Since everybody loves gold, even restrained touches easily grab the eye. Furthermore, they work with any color scheme or theme.

Are you ready to give your living room a refreshing makeover with yellow?



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