20 Best Farmhouse Storage Ideas That Are Both Beautiful and Functional

Storage is a crucial part of every home — it enables you to keep crucial supplies and extra items close at hand.

When you need to place your storage units in highly visible places, however, aesthetics matter.

With these fun farmhouse-inspired ideas, you can bring a stylish twist to a practical solution.

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List of Farmhouse Storage and Organization Essentials:

  • Baskets – Find them HERE or HERE
  • Crates – Find them HERE or HERE
  • Shelves – Find them HERE or HERE
  • Pantry Cabinets – Find them HERE or HERE
  • Towel Racks – Find them HERE or HERE

Crochet Toilet Paper Cover

Crochet Toilet Paper Cover #farmhouse #vintage #storage #decorhomeideas

There’s nothing pretty about extra rolls of toilet paper — until you add this stunning crocheted cover, that is.

Crafted from textured material in a soft, natural shade, it brings a relaxed feeling to your bathroom.

We love the vented top, which enhances the visual aspect and keeps your toilet paper fresh and dry.

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DIY Rolling Wood Crates

DIY Rolling Wood Crates #farmhouse #vintage #storage #decorhomeideas

Crates are a handy way to store everything from toys to snacks; they’re roomy and open, giving you plenty of flexibility.

This project upgrades an everyday wooden crate with a set of wheels and a coat of whitewash-style paint for a rustic flair.

Add a hand-painted label for a personalized touch.

via A Little of This A Little of That

Farmhouse Over The Toilet Shelf Ladder

Farmhouse Over The Toilet Shelf Ladder #farmhouse #vintage #storage #decorhomeideas

Over-the-toilet storage is a convenient way to add storage to a tiny bathroom.

Here, a rustic ladder takes the place of a traditional standing unit.

Replace the rungs with shelves, and add a charming vintage sign for an adorable old-world twist. Want to take it a step further?

Use sandpaper to distress the edges.

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Farmhouse Style: Office Storage Ideas

Farmhouse Style: Office Storage Ideas #farmhouse #vintage #storage #decorhomeideas

Who says office storage needs to be boring?

Give your workspace a gorgeous farmhouse update by adding wire baskets fitted with canvas linings to a standard bookcase.

The combination of metal, fabric, and wood makes the perfect blend of textures.

Galvanized metal baskets and chalkboard labels take this piece to the next level of style.

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via Old Salt Farm

Free Standing Pantry With Crate Organization

Free Standing Pantry With Crate Organization #farmhouse #vintage #storage #decorhomeideas

Create the functionality of a pantry without the need for construction with a freestanding storage cabinet.

This model replaces traditional organizers with wooden crates for a rustic twist. Leave the doors open or closed — it’s beautiful both ways.

A layer of chalkboard paint turns the inside of one door into a spot for your grocery list.

via Sawdust 2 Stitches

His And Her Key Holder

His And Her Key Holder #farmhouse #vintage #storage #decorhomeideas

Extend your farmhouse style to the tiniest of storage spaces with a wooden key holder.

All you need for this DIY project is a spare piece of wood and two metal hooks.

Stain the wood to match your trim or leave it bare for a natural look.

Here, the homeowner has painted “His” and “Hers” for easy key identification.

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DIY Knife Holder Made Of Old Books

DIY Knife Holder Made Of Old Books #farmhouse #vintage #storage #decorhomeideas

Are you a home chef who believes in caring for your knife collection?

This DIY knife block is stunning and functional.

Just tie together a few cloth-bound books with thick rope or twine; the result is a lovely combination of texture and color that enhances any kitchen. As a bonus, the paper pages are easy on your knife blades.

via Town and Country Living

Large Laundry Room Board Organizer

Large Laundry Room Board Organizer #farmhouse #vintage #storage #decorhomeideas

If you’ve ever spent time hunting for a loose sock, this laundry room organizer can help.

Using an old cabinet door, a wire basket, and a few wooden clothespins, it creates a piece that’s part storage, part work of art.

A glass jar for loose change is the perfect reminder to empty your pockets before tossing clothing in the wash.

via Decor Steals

Metal Bathroom Towel Holder

Metal Bathroom Towel Holder #farmhouse #vintage #storage #decorhomeideas

The epitome of rustic-chic design, this towel holder has everything you want in a farmhouse bathroom.

The distressed metal surfaces lend a beautiful antique feeling to the piece, and the integrated towel rod adds an industrial twist.

Toss your bath salts into a few Mason jars and set them in the shallow tray to complete the look.

via Farmhouse Wares

Metal Floor Towel And Storage Basket

Metal Floor Towel And Storage Basket #farmhouse #vintage #storage #decorhomeideas

Every home has a few spare blankets lying around.

Corral your extra pieces in a simple wire-frame basket. The sides flex gently to accommodate bulky throws and blankets, and the cute copper handles allow easy carrying.

Use a basket to hold any soft items, including towels, stuffed animals, or throw pillows.

via Poor Little Girl

Multi-Level Wooden Wall Storage

Multi-Level Wooden Wall Storage #farmhouse #vintage #storage #decorhomeideas

Tiers of shelves add a farmhouse vibe to a bathroom in this simple project.

The trick is to choose ornate metal brackets and wooden shelf planks with a visible grain — the combination is charming and elegant at the same time.

Use multi-level shelves anywhere you have an open wall.

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via The Handmade Home

Produce Wall Hang

Produce Wall Hang #farmhouse #vintage #storage #decorhomeideas

Have you ever struggled to fit your produce into a standard basket?

Keep it organized and easy to find by mounting wire baskets onto a wooden plank.

The open-frame sides ensure lasting freshness, and the dark finish looks gorgeous against the natural colors of the food.

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Repurposed Rustic Ladders and DIY Farmhouse Storage

Repurposed Rustic Ladders and DIY Farmhouse Storage #farmhouse #vintage #storage #decorhomeideas

A rustic ladder gets a new life as a storage unit in this DIY bathroom project.

All you need is a shallow vintage ladder — then, you can attach storage baskets or use the rungs as towel hangers.

We love the ladder in its unfinished state, but a bright coat of paint can help invigorate a small space.

via Creatively Southern

Rustic Cutlery Holder Caddy

Rustic Cutlery Holder Caddy #farmhouse #vintage #storage #decorhomeideas

Are you looking for reasons to use your wood shop?

Keep your everyday cutlery in a convenient spot by building a simple cutlery holder.

The unfinished wood highlights the grain pattern, and the cutout heart creates a welcoming feeling in the kitchen.

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Rustic Themed Recipe Food Jars

Rustic Themed Recipe Food Jars #farmhouse #vintage #storage #decorhomeideas

If your family has recipes that you use over and over, why not turn them into a decor element?

Here, simple recipes are printed onto brown paper and affixed to clear glass jars.

Place the pre-mixed dry ingredients inside to streamline meal prep.

via The Country Chic Cottage

Shabby Chic Bread Box

Shabby Chic Bread Box #farmhouse #vintage #storage #decorhomeideas

Turn an everyday bread box into a focal point of your kitchen with a new paint job and a vintage stencil.

The trick to this project is to use a darker shade of paint to add a distressed look to the edges of each board; it gives a new piece a well-loved look.

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Simple Yet Elegant Kitchen Cupboard

Simple Yet Elegant Kitchen Cupboard #farmhouse #vintage #storage #decorhomeideas

There’s nothing more versatile than a freestanding shelving unit.

Choose a bookcase with a reclaimed-wood look and add classic white dishes for a timeless farmhouse vibe.

We love how stenciled glass containers transform dry-food storage.

via Not Just a Housewife

Under Sink Organizing

Under Sink Organizing #farmhouse #vintage #storage #decorhomeideas

Peek under your kitchen sink — is it organized?

If not, this handy metal basket is a fun solution. It fastens to the back of the cabinet door, creating space for small cleaning supplies or products.

via Polished Habitat

Upcycled Card And Paper Holders

Upcycled Card And Paper Holders #farmhouse #vintage #storage #decorhomeideas

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on vintage card and paper holders, this project is for you.

Take advantage of the large compartments to store everything from pens and pencils to arts and crafts supplies.

The distressed wood and existing hardware add to the effect.

Wall Metal Towel Basket

Wall Metal Towel Basket #farmhouse #vintage #storage #decorhomeideas

Are you looking for a lovely way to store your bath towels in a small bathroom?

A black metal basket is a beautiful solution.

It mounts easily to the wall, offering plenty of easy-access storage for rolled towels.



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