Kitchen With Two Islands (Design Ideas)

Welcome to our beautiful gallery of designs featuring a kitchen with two islands including contemporary, modern, modern farmhouse, gourmet and open concept ideas.

Contemporary kitchen with two islands, wood base, white paint base and quartz counters

Not everyone has the luxury of space in their homes, especially for their kitchens. But for those who has very spacious kitchens, having double kitchen islands can actually be a practical and functional design decision that can work to your advantage. It’s definitely not for everyone, but if you have a very big kitchen, having double kitchen islands can be a practical choice.

For the contemporary white kitchen in the picture above, the 2nd kitchen island serves as an extra storage space, and a casual dining area. The use of natural oak wood for the island base on the 2nd kitchen island adds a welcome contrast to the plain white cabinets found in the rest of the kitchen. This adds a warmer, inviting ambiance to the space.

Kitchens Designs with Two Islands

Here are some of the main design advantages of having double kitchen islands:

  1. Additional counter space – this is definitely the biggest selling-point of double kitchen islands, especially for those who love to entertain, or those into home cooking / baking, or has a small home cooking/baking business.
  2. Extra Storage – more kitchen islands, means more storage space as well. You can utilize the counter space for dedicated storage, or use the space for extra appliances such as ovens, wine fridges, etc.
  3. Kitchen Traffic – If your kitchen floor plan is large, having only an L-shape or U-Shape layout means your kitchen work triangle might become bigger than recommended, making it tiring and inefficient. Adding a kitchen island will help break that excessive travel length from end to end of your kitchen, and will make the design more efficient to work on.
  4. Dedicated dining space – many people love to dine or entertain in the kitchen area, and having double kitchen islands will allow you to have one whole counter dedicated as a dining space.

Kitchen Floor Plans With Two Islands

Contemporary kitchen with two black cabinet islands white main cabinets wood beams

Using a contrasting color for your kitchen island is a great way to create a more balanced color palette in your kitchen. This kitchen design with two islands shows all white counters and main cabinets, paired with black island bases. This helps balance the whole look while bringing the focal point to the center of the kitchen.

Contemporary kitchen with two islands gray quartz waterfall countertops gray cabinets

Gorgeous gray marble counter top wraps around these two kitchen island counters for this modern kitchen. The secondary kitchen island is mostly used for additional storage and dining space, and uses dark mahogany wood for its face to add a warm contrast to the space, which also helps you to visually identify the function of the area.

Contemporary kitchen with two large islands wood base black quartz counters white main cabinets

For this country style white kitchen, the secondary kitchen island was used mainly as an informal counter dining area. It’s a great space to entertain guests or bond with family members while preparing food.

All white kitchen with two islands marble countertops wood flooring

For this French classical style kitchen, the massive layout was maximized with a mixture of storage space and counter top space. It uses 2 kitchen islands, one is mainly for food preparation, and the other is a mix-use kitchen counter, with a ledge used for counter dining, and another side for storage and food preparation. The while kitchen uses a combination of white kitchen cabinets and white marble countertop, as it creates a good contrast with the gray wall paint and the dark wood flooring.

Black and white kitchen with two black cabinet islands white cabinets white quartz counters

Your two kitchen islands doesn’t always have to be of the same size. In this example, a square and a rectangular kitchen island was used for the kitchen. The square island is placed near the kitchen hob and the fridge for a more efficient work triangle. This also allows a smooth entry from the dining area into the kitchen because of the large gap between the kitchen islands.

Kitchen with off white cabinets two islands beige granite countertops

Having an open floor plan in older homes with classic style kitchen can be quite a challenge, especially if most of your new furniture pieces are more modern/contemporary in style. This kitchen shows a classic French style kitchen with white paneled cabinets and marble countertops. In this example, the addition of a second counter top to visually separate the kitchen area from the other parts of the house helps smoothly transition the spaces. The kitchen island still uses classic French motifs to match the original kitchen, but gives it a more modern touch with the contemporary counter stools and lighting.

Large kitchen with two islands with breakfast bar linear light fixture wood grain cabinets

This is another example of using the second kitchen island as a transition to other spaces in the room. The walnut kitchen cabinets are “cut” but a higher bar counter connected to the second kitchen island, creating a visual partition between the kitchen and the other areas of the space.

White cabinet kitchen with two islands black and white quartz countertops

Sometimes, it’s not very practical to have a very long kitchen island as it makes navigating your kitchen a little bit cumbersome. You can explore placing your kitchen island perpendicular to the longest side of the kitchen or a better kitchen workflow. In this example two kitchen islands were used to maximize the space – the first one has an installed sink creating an efficient work triangle with the fridge and the cooking hob, and the second one used mostly for counter dining.

Kitchen with two islands with black quartz countertops white cabinets gold pendant lights

Because the kitchen cooking hob is located in a separated wall, the additional kitchen island is a practical choice, as it is easier to have a preparation surface nearby your cooking surface. This contemporary kitchen has a basic white and black palette, but the addition of gold accents gives it a more sophisticated look.

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Kitchen with two islands three sided breakfast bar center small island white cabinets

This is another good example of having double kitchen islands in open concept spaces. If you kitchen is located in the corner of the space, and you want to separate the space without having to use partitions, using an L-shaped kitchen island is a good option to explore. Not only does it serve as a low partition of the spaces, it also helps define the kitchen area better.

Kitchen with two islands with breakfast bar and central sink

For this large kitchen, the two kitchen islands help soften the dark red tones of the wooden kitchen cabinets with its mint green base and white counter top combination. The balance between warm and cool tones creates a pleasant combination, giving the kitchen a more updated look.

Rustic kitchen with two islands dark cabinets soapstone countertops distressed wood upper cabinets

This rustic kitchen uses two kitchen islands with darker stain finish to add contrast to the space. The secondary kitchen island has a small sink used for hand washing and quick washing for fruits or salads, and has a ledge overhang for the wooden counter stools that matches the rustic vibe of the whole space.

Traditional kitchen with double islands white granite countertops white cabinets

Since this design features an open concept kitchen, the L-shaped secondary kitchen island is also a great way to provide a low, functional partition between the spaces. This way, it still has space for a smaller kitchen island in the middle, but also enjoy the additional cabinet storage space and counter space provided by the L-shaped counter.

Traditional kitchen with two islands butcher block counters white cabinets wood flooring

What makes this kitchen a little bit unusual is that both of the two kitchen islands has ledge space for dining. The secondary kitchen island doesn’t have a built-in sink, but with the use of table top decor, they were able to create a visual separation of the “work” space and the dining space of the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen With Two Islands

Modern kitchen with 2 islands white quartz countertops light brown cabinets and black main cabinets

Most modern kitchens are placed in open plan spaces, and having two kitchen islands for bigger kitchens is a great way to maximize your kitchen space. This example installs the kitchen island perpendicular to the long side of the kitchen to create a smoother traffic flow. The kitchen island also uses lighter toned wood finish to add contrast to the dark wengue used on the main cabinets and counters.

Modern kitchen with two islands black cabinets white quartz countertops

The sleek black counters adds to the sophisticated appeal of this kitchen design. It has two kitchen islands, and the secondary being a counter dining area that helps separate it from the rest of the room.

Open concept kitchen with two islands with waterfall countertop and center sink

This kitchen definitely doesn’t shy away from colors and patterns. You can see a combination of different textures and patterns used throughout the space, giving it a fun and eclectic atmosphere. Two kitchen islands are used in the kitchen, one is a narrow functional island with a built-in sink and a wooden cabinet base, while the other kitchen island is clad with solid marble and has velvet-upholstered stools with gold legs.

Modern kitchen with double islands with white cabinets vaulted ceiling

The addition of full partitions at each end of the two kitchen islands in this design adds a unique feature that allows the kitchen to be a visually separate space despite the open floor plan. The partition was also used to install floating shelves for additional display/storage space, so no space is wasted.

Contemporary Kitchen With Two Islands

U shaped contemporary kitchen with two islands with black cabinets and white main cabinets

Using darker finishes for your kitchen island base is a good way to make the center space really stand out in the kitchen, especially when most of your finishes are of lighter colors. This kitchen features white kitchen cabinets along the walls, and is paired with black-painted double kitchen islands with white counter top to match the main counters.

Contemporary kitchen with 2 islands white shaker style cabinets mini chandeliers

This contemporary kitchen borrows classic-inspired details to give the space a little more flair and style. It uses neo-classic detailing on its cabinetry, and candelabra style ceiling lamps to give the space a more vintage vibe. The kitchen is quite long, so the use of 2 kitchen islands – one for the built-in cooking hob and one for counter dining – is a great way to maximize the space available, and at the same time, improve work flow in the kitchen.

U shaped kitchen with two islands beige granite countertops white cabinets globe pendant lights

This contemporary kitchen is all about maximizing space for an efficient workflow. The kitchen space itself is not overly large, but since it is placed in an open plan space, a second kitchen island was used as counter dining area to separate the kitchen from the rest of the house. A small & narrow kitchen island is in the middle, mostly serving as preparation counter area for cooking, as it is directly in front of the large cooking hob.

Contemporary kitchen with double islands with gray and white cabinets

Large windows, high ceiling and open floor plan make this contemporary kitchen space look bright and refreshing. It uses a combination of an island with warm white tones and a gray center contrasting kitchen island. The kitchen also uses the secondary kitchen island counter with metal pendant lamps, and furnished with upholstered counter stools to accent the taupe paint color.

Contemporary kitchen with two islands and white quartz countertops

This kitchen uses a combination of oak wood laminates for the cabinets and white quartz counter tops, creating a very mid-century modern color palette that gives it a bright yet warm ambiance. This kitchen features two parallel kitchen islands – the center kitchen island has a small ledge to be used as a counter dining space, with  matching iron bar stools, making it a perfect spot to entertain guests and family.

Open Concept Kitchen With Two Islands

Open concept kitchen with two islands with dark wood base marble countertops and white cabinets

This is a really large classic style kitchen, furnished with modern accents to give it a more modern appeal. Because of the very large open space, traffic and counter space is maximized by installing two kitchen islands – one is a regular-sized rectangular kitchen island, and another is a very massive square kitchen island which serves as the accent-piece of the kitchen, and also provides counter dining space on 3 sides for casual dining.

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Open concept kitchen with two quartz waterfall counter islands white cabinets wood plank ceiling

Open concept kitchens can be little tricky to layout, but when deciding on your appliance and sink locations, always refer to the kitchen work triangle to be able to efficiently plan-out your space. For this modern rustic kitchen design, you will see two kitchen islands placed in one row. One is just used as a dining space, placed near the pantry but away from the smoke from the cooking hob. The main kitchen island, however, is placed parallel to the cooking hob counter and the fridge, and also has a built-in sink installed, creating an ideal kitchen work triangle area. The use of chandeliers and pendant lamps to accentuate the counters also help in establishing the different roles of the spaces in open plan layouts.

Open layout kitchen with two long islands contrasting quartz countertops two tone cabinets

This open plan kitchen features a neo-classic theme that continues throughout the open areas, creating a very cohesive look. The kitchen takes the largest part of the room. It has two kitchen islands – the center island is painted in greige with a marble counter top, while the narrower kitchen island has a white base and black marble top for contrast. This is a great way to increase counter space and to define spaces in open floor plans.

Open concept kitchen with double islands breakfast bar and center sink white cabinets

Cohesive color palettes used across open concept kitchens creates a more harmonious look. For this design, the central kitchen island base uses the same taupe color used on the walls of the interiors, while the surrounding cabinets and the extra kitchen island uses white for contrast.

Open concept kitchen with two islands two tone cabinets and waterfall quartz countertop

This modern open concept kitchen uses a large L-shape counter kitchen island to define the border or the kitchen area, and a narrow central marble kitchen island clad on all sides as an accent piece and a food preparation area.

Contemporary kitchen with two islands built in stove top dark cabinets white quartz counters

Terrazzo counter tops have seen have seen a huge comeback these past few years. This is a great option to add a more fun element to update classic kitchen styles such as this example. This open concept kitchen uses the same terrazzo counter top for the main counters and the double kitchen islands as well.

L shaped kitchen with two islands white countertops cabinets

White is combined with cool-toned neutrals in this French inspired kitchen design. The open concept kitchen has double kitchen islands, both with ledges at the front used as a counter dining space, and accentuated with pendant lamps.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Modern farmhouse kitchen with two islands with wood cabinets pendant lights and white main cabinetry

You can never go wrong with a white and natural wood combination. For this modern farm-house style kitchen, the high ceiling is really maximized for the overhead storage, and even given extra accent with the faux wooden columns that matches the walnut wood used on the two kitchen islands in the space. Combined with white marble and white main cabinets, the result is a refreshing mid-century modern look with a rustic feel.

Modern farmhouse with two islands distressed wood cabinets and dark main cabinets

Weathered wood finishes really give life and personality to your counters. For this modern farmhouse style kitchen, the addition of two kitchen islands that uses weathered finish wood planks adds a touch of rustic element to the space without taking too much attention. The gray-washed kitchen island bases gives a soft contrast against the dark wengue wood used on the main kitchen cabinets.

Large modern farmhouse kitchen with two islands open wood beams open shelving

This gorgeous modern farmhouse kitchen features 2 kitchen islands – one is a solid pine kitchen island that matches the flooring and open shelves material. The natural knots in the pine wood gives it a very organic log-house feel. The other kitchen island is a massive piece with a white base and black one-piece solid surface counter top. This surface helps frame the outline of the kitchen and also provides extra dining space.

Gourmet Kitchen With Two Islands

Gourmet kitchens are designed to showcase the main activity in the kitchen – cooking. These kitchens allows you to watch the person cooking from a safe distance. Here are some excellent examples

Contemporary gourmet kitchen with two quartz islands with stovetop sink custom range hood pendant lights

This contemporary gourmet kitchen features gorgeous walnut cabinets that gives the space a very elegant and high-end appeal. This is paired with gorgeous river blue quartz waterfall kitchen island countertops that spill to the sides of the islands, adding a wonderful texture and a cool contrast to the wood finish. Comfortable counter stools are placed at the opposite of the cooking hob on the main kitchen island, allowing you a good view of the food preparation activities.

Gourmet kitchen with two green islands center stovetop with custom range hood wood cabinets

This classic style gourmet kitchen is given a modern face-lift by painting the wood kitchen islands with olive green, giving it a chic vintage look. The kitchen has two kitchen islands installed – one has the main cooking hob at the center of the space, and the other has the sink and a bar counter area for guests.

Gourmet kitchen with two islands large custom range hood coffered ceiling

This classic kitchen has dark floors, but because of the high coffer ceiling and light beige walls, the dark tones of the flooring is balanced. This gourmet style kitchen has double kitchen islands, the smaller one at the center is mainly used as food preparation area. The other kitchen island has a counter dining space and a sink, and is accentuated with iron pendant lamps to give it more emphasis.

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