Husband and Wife Decorated The Most Beautiful Room For Their Little Girl While In a Quarantine

A creative couple has used the spare time during quarantine to finish their idea for decoration and furnishing of their small girl’s room.

All in the magical world they have created has been inspired and based on the principles and practices of the famous Italian physician and educator, Maria Montessori.

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Maria Montessori examines childhood as a continuance of the Creation. She says that “Adults admire their environment- they can remember and think about it but the child imbibes it. The things a child sees are not only remembered – they form part of her or his soul.”

The Montessori method is not only a way to teach children in kindergarten or at school, but it is also a belief and approach involved in the environment of the child’s room.

One of the major goals of the “Montessori” method is gaining independence. This process is continuous and eventually leads to self-perfection. All adults in the kid’s life must give the kid the chance to explore the environment as independence comes through learning, gaining of knowledge and creating the feeling for responsibility for the environment and the people in it.

Believing in that philosophy, the couple has created a nursery in which their kid grows up happily and explores the exciting world of her private space from her first day onwards.

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Thankfully, Ekaterina and her husband have taken photos of the process and the tools used so you can use the magic they have created as an inspiration for your kids’ rooms.

Final Stage From Mountain Painted Wall

One of the basic rules of the Montessori method is to involve nature in kid’s life. This can be incorporated in the textures of the furniture, in the interior and in the decorations of the room.

The couple has used an idea from Pinterest for a mountain mural wall art for their nursery room in a pastel palette.

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Insight Into The Process Of Painting The Mountains

The mountains are of different height, colors and ornaments to stimulate the visual sense of the growing baby. They have outlined the shape of each mountain with paper tape and then have applied the paints.

All dots, crosses, straight and curved lines and rectangles are made to help the kid’s interest to explore and learn shapes.

A good tip to make the mural art even more beneficial for the child’s development is to add different materials to the wet paints so that their texture varies. You can add sand, glitter or similar materials to help them learn textures through touch and sight. 

Hand Painted Mountains

The Montessori principles advise sleeping on the floor from the earliest kid’s days. This encourages the kid to have more freedom- to move and to feel the lack of any restrictions which the kid would otherwise accept as restrictions of his or her capabilities.

Our inspirers have put a pen mattress on the floor and a pillow all around to protect the baby.

They have placed an age-appropriate toy within her reach to encourage the baby to move from sleeping to playing without their assistance once their girl is able to crawl and eventually walk.

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Mirrorred Wardrobe Kids Room

Once a safe space for your baby to explore is created, you should think of ways to encourage his or hers curiosity over the world around them.

When they’re too young to move around by themselves, babies respond well to a low-hung mirror and other small toys. The couple has decided to make something more practical for usage in the years forward. They have put a wardrobe with mirror sliding doors.

In order to help their girl develop her sensory skills, they have made a quite mobile toy. According to Montessori any toys that include sounds, noise and images only burden the kid and the parents.

Another idea for a suitable way to stimulate the girl’s curiosity is the starry garland. Together with the hand-painted butterflies on the walls made with stencils, the kid can examine shapes and colors.

Distinguishing The Mountains

A year later, the couple has decided to change the kid’s room interior and make it more suitable for the toddler period.

They have changed the wall paint, again lead by the Montessori principles. They have created another mountain mural in a different color palette.

Staining The Mountains

The decoration is rather graphical than vivid as the black and white dominate.

The fun and natural way to learn shapes and colors is once again ensured with the mountain pictures and their decoration.    

Adding Dots To The Background Of The Mountain Wall

Maria Montessori encourages parents to include their kids in the adult activities. Children must be accepted and treated as equals nevertheless they are not that well-skilled.

They learn through exploration. If kids take part in the process of creating their room, that will make them feel more responsible and the room environment will become even more welcoming and precious.

Finished Mountain Wall

This is how the finished mural wall looks– a lot of shapes and only a few colors so that the sight sense does not get too distracted. The Interior must be relaxing, not bothering.

Chalkboard Wall

There must be only a few play areas in the kids’ room – entertainment, art, education.

The couple has made a wall for art activities in a mountain shape to let their girl draw freely. They have applied paint for school blackboards.

It has been difficult for them to find an easy way to clean it. They have learned by trial and error that cleaning with a suitable sponge, followed by a wet towel do not smear the chalk.

Girl Room With House Bed Interior. How To Decorate Girl Room with Montessori method, DIY decorations and furniture, wall murals , play areas and toy storage. #diy #kidsroom #montessori #decor #decorhomeideas

The parents have layered carpets of different texture and material to stimulate the touch and visual senses of their toddler.

The furniture is a duplicate of the adults’ furniture but of smaller size. It gives the girl access to the toys and the accessories and let her act independently.

You will also note that the decoration is very simple. According to the Montessori method, a few photos of the family or of the child, made from natural materials, is beneficial and sufficient.  

Books And Toys Storage How To Decorate Girl Room with Montessori method, DIY decorations and furniture, wall murals , play areas and toy storage. #diy #kidsroom #montessori #decor #decorhomeideas

All toys, games, supplies and books are arranged on low shelves where the girl can easily access them.

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Separating them into several baskets or bins will ease the kid finding what she is looking for.

The toy principle according to Maria Montessori in few words is “less is more”. Kids don’t need many toys as they quickly lose interest and use not more than 6-7 toys during a certain period of time.

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Canopy Embraced By Flower Wreath For House Bed How To Decorate Girl Room with Montessori method, DIY decorations and furniture, wall murals , play areas and toy storage. #diy #kidsroom #montessori #decor #decorhomeideas

Nature footprint can be felt not only through the materials the furniture and the toys are made of, but also through the accents.

The couple has made a magical canopy over their toddler’s bed which is embraced by faux flowers. A gentle unicorn garland runs on the bed frame to increase the fairy tale atmosphere when the time for sleep has come.

Girl Room Clothes Storage How To Decorate Girl Room with Montessori method, DIY decorations and furniture, wall murals , play areas and toy storage. #diy #kidsroom #montessori #decor #decorhomeideas

The way to store clothing must be in low drawers or baskets. The couple has also included a rod for hangers but as you see it is taken down to the eye-level so that the girl can reach for clothes.

The mother explains that she changes the clothes there every week and lets her girl chooses her outfit. In addition to the rule for clothes storage, the mother has incorporated another approach – all the kid possesses should not be in big quantity and that is applicable not only for toys but also for the clothes.

Girl Room Play Area How To Decorate Girl Room with Montessori method, DIY decorations and furniture, wall murals , play areas and toy storage. #diy #kidsroom #montessori #decor #decorhomeideas

Based on the Montessori learning method, our inspirers have devoted a “work area”for their girl – a table and two chairs which are of suitable size and height.

This personal territory will make their kid very proud, will make her feel equal and calm as she does her favorite things – modeling, drawing or other activities.

Maria Montessori states that praising a kid’s success should not be with a reward. It should be done verbally and moderately. The couple has realized this rule with the strings on the wall where the kid’s art is displayed and observed.

Handmade Pompom Cloud How To Decorate Girl Room with Montessori method, DIY decorations and furniture, wall murals , play areas and toy storage. #diy #kidsroom #montessori #decor #decorhomeideas

Hang an interesting artwork at the kid’s eye-level. It would be good if it is hand-made. It would be even better is it has been made the help of your kid and entirely from natural materials.

This cloud is made of wool pompoms. The “drops” are hung pompoms in different colors and shapes.

Personal Memories Hung On The Wall How To Decorate Girl Room with Montessori method, DIY decorations and furniture, wall murals , play areas and toy storage. #diy #kidsroom #montessori #decor #decorhomeideas

The couple has made one of the walls in their girl’s room a memory wall. They have anyway been very moderate and have strictly followed Montessori principle to hang framed photos or pictures of their child.

They have added “a pinch” of individualism with the beautiful monogram art stating the first letter of their girl’s name. The C letter is decorated with the same faux flowers as those of the canopy wreath.

Montesory House Bed With Canopy How To Decorate Girl Room with Montessori method, DIY decorations and furniture, wall murals , play areas and toy storage. #diy #kidsroom #montessori #decor #decorhomeideas

Even in a toddler’s phase, the kid’s bed must be as close to the floor as possible.

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Apart from the easy access in and out, this period of time is good to stimulate the development of further skills and taking up of more responsibilities.

One of them is to learn to make their own bed. This bed is of the perfect height, size and shape to make the activities related to bed more pleasant.

The Montessori model is one of the most popular psychologies nowadays. Although it is based on more or less minimalistic conceptions for interior and activity variety and supplies, it is a fact that it gives all a kid could actually need to feel happy and grow an independent, responsible and caring person.



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