Three Fashionable Colors That Can Serve You All Year Long

When decorating your home, choose colors that cross the barriers of seasonal trends and lend your space a fresh look all year long.

Usually, a season change  brings with it an entirely different take on colors, styles, and patterns.

For most of the people, shifting drastically between trendy seasonal colors is not an affordable option.

On the other hand, the alternative of keeping a neutral backdrop with pops of color means to carefully choose the right color accents that can lend the space an elegant and fresh look.

Hence, we need some beautiful colors that can be used all year long.

Have a look at an eye-grabbing color trio that offers such an option.

1. Coral: Cheerful and Versatile

Visual lightness

If your interior seems to be drab and mundane, then a touch of coral can bring it back to life!
Coral is a fresh option that can add elegance, vibrancy, and glamor to any space.

Drapes, throw pillows, or small decorative accents can lend an entirely different look to your living space.

Above, a coastal-inspired living room with vibrant splashes of coral. Photo: Credit

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What a bedroom!


Fabric accents and wall art are an appealing alternative to incorporate coral hues. Photo: Credit


Relaxed space


If you are ready to incorporate coral in a more permanent way, then a light aqua-luminescent coral combo is a great summer and spring option.

When paired with dark chocolate and deep browns, corals look equally appealing for cold winter days.

Above, a stunning master bedroom in brown and coral. Photo: Credit

2. The Vibrant Magic of Teal


Bright, fresh, and trendy


Teal, a mixture of blue and green with the addition of white or gray, comes in an array of shades and hues.

Adaptable and versatile, it works well alone, complements beautifully coral, and is a popular choice for summer, fall, and winter interiors.

Above, a beach-inspired living room with teal accents. Photo: Credit

Teal Accents


Sometimes teal comes in bold yet appealing, mesmerizing color combos, such as navy blue and dark teal. Photo: Credit


Teal and navy blue


It also works well with gold, yellow, and earthy colors. Photo: Credit

Even when used sparingly, teal accents are eye-catching and easy to incorporate into any interior.


3. Eggplant: Posh and Majestic


Visual Statement


In the next few years, eggplant is a color that can be used regardless of the season.

Stylish and sophisticated, this regal color comes in an array of shades and can add touches of luxury, finesse, and extra visual appeal to your space.

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For accent walls and decor elements in living rooms opt for deeper tones of eggplant.

As lighter shades of the color create an atmosphere of relaxation, they are a suitable choice for bedrooms.

Above, a sophisticated living room with bold furniture and accents in different hues of eggplant. Photo: Credit


Refreshing Vibe


However, since the color is rich and bold, be careful how you use it.

Usually, some accent elements are enough to add class and sophistication to your living space. Photo: Credit



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