Small Living Room Dining Room Combo

Small Living Room Dining Room Combo

With the right style techniques, a Small Living Room Dining Room Combo can live beautifully within the same walls.

Small Living Room Dining Room Combo

Small Apartments Big Style Eclectic Living Dining Room Combine – toronto – by Lisa Petrole Photography

Many modern homes have an open floor plan with a minimum of walls and rooms with no defined spaces. If your living room and dining room are situated this way, deciding how to decorate can be confusing. Without the proper furniture placement, the rooms can look disjointed and awkward. With a few simple tips, you can create a beautifully flowing Small Living Room Dining Room Combo space perfect for entertaining and living. The space will feel organic, united and welcoming to your guests.

Furniture Placement

With a Small Living Room Dining Room Combo, you still want to create distinct spaces within the whole. Look at the layout of the rooms and determine if there are architectural signs such as an alcove or a bay window to give you clues about where to place furniture. Group some of the furniture in the center of the space without all of it being lined up against the wall. You’ll avoid an unused, open space in the middle. Keep all of the furniture on the same scale or you’ll create a lopsided effect and the rooms won’t flow into each other. Open the couch up to the dining area. If you place the back of the couch towards the dining table, you’ll create separateness.

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Small Traditional Living Dining Room Combination by Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Types of Furniture

The use of glass tables helps light move through the space, in contrast to heavy dark pieces that stop the flow of light in the room. A large modular couch can close off a living area, with its two imposing backs. Two smaller couches and a few comfortable chairs open the space up for conversation, even with those in the dining area. Furniture with wheels are optimal for these combined spaces because they can move to wherever they are needed at that particular moment.


Paint all the walls the same color so the space flows together. Or choose two colors and use both of them in different quantities in each space. If you use wainscot, put it up throughout the room to create unity. The whole space should have the same type of flooring. If you want to use area rugs, angle them so they point in both areas and do not close off one space. If you choose to have a more spill-friendly floor covering in the dining area, combine the two areas with the use of similar area rugs. Decorate with accessories in similar colors and use the same design style. Don’t create a vintage look in one space and a modern one in the other.

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With small living room dining room combo, you still have the option of defining each space. Accomplish this with the use of light fixtures. A beautiful chandelier or two modern pendant lights hanging over the dining table is a visual clue that it is a separate space, one part of the whole. Place lamps on tables or use floor lamps in the living room. Place all lighting on dimmers. This helps create ambiance in a party setting. You don’t want low light in the living area only to be distracted by the glare of the bright chandelier in the dining area.

Separating the Spaces

If there comes a time when you don’t want to embrace the unity of the two spaces, there are several ways to let each have its own identity. One of the easiest ways is to put up a folding screen. This lends privacy to each area and eliminates distractions. Paint the rooms in different colors. With the proximity of the rooms, however, the colors of each area should still coordinate. Floor the dining area in tile and the living area in carpet. Angle the back of the couch so it faces the dining area. Use a bookcase or storage unit that looks nice from both sides and put it between the spaces.

Decorating Small Living Dining Room Combination Home Design Ideas

Small Living Room Dining Room Combo




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