Purple Interiors

Purple in all its shades and hues is a fascinating color, which helps create diverse yet all striking, dramatic, luxurious, elegant interiors.

Although purple and violet look similar, purple unlike violet is not a true color, it is simply a perceived even mixture of red and blue.

It is scientifically proved that colors have a profound effect on people’s moods, perceptions, feelings, and way of thinking. In its dual nature, being an intriguing mixture of red/an energetic color, which symbolizes passion/ and blue/the color of calmness and reliability/, purple is a vibrant color, which evokes both stimulation and tranquility.

Furthermore, being a combo of red and blue, the warmest and the coldest colors on the wheel, purple is believed to be the ideal color.

Purple has always been the color of the rich, of royalty and luxury, of magic, spirituality, and mystery.

However, as with all things that exude luxury, be careful to not overdo purple in your living space. Otherwise, the chances are to create tasteless, tawdry interiors.

On the other hand, when done right, any interior space that includes purple whether on the walls or as an accent color or introduces as accessories, looks elegant, luxury, and sophisticated.

Always keep in mind that purple can easily dominate over other colors, so, choose carefully the combos you create or the shades of purple you use in your interiors.

1. Paint it Purple!

Whether painted or wallpapered, a bedroom wrapped in purple is every girl’s dream. However, as purple works its magic and creates romantic bedrooms, it’s a fascinating option for master and guest bedrooms. Not to mention that it is believed that purple calms the mind and nerves and helps you sleep better.

Furthermore, as it is thought that purple helps raise creative, successful children, nurseries in purple are also a common choice. Note that researchers claim that most children love the color purple.

Guest bedroom

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, a fabulous guest bedroom. Walls, window treatment, an area rug, even wall art and flowers are purple… Furniture and flooring in dark wood add warmth to the space.  A headboard and footboard in white and accessories in white and silver balance the bedroom. Definitely a classy space!

Moroccan-style bedroom

Photo: Credit

Shown above, an almost all-purple bedroom. This bedroom with a distinctive Moroccan-inspired look screams elegance, luxury, and drama. Some splashes of green break this monochrome space and add extra doses of visual interest. Unquestionably, a striking bedroom. Is it too bold for you?

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As purple inspires and raises positive feelings, works well with black, white, silver, and green and helps create chic, sophisticated interiors, it is an adorable option for living rooms, bathrooms, and even kitchens. In addition, as it encourages creativity and imagination, you can always consider creating a home office in purple.

Living room in purple

Photo: Credit

Above, a living room in purple. A gorgeous ottoman, which doubles as a coffee table, a floor lamp, and throw pillows in purple complement the walls to create this exquisite space. A white armchair and a light gray sofa and flooring balance the room. Silver details add sparkle and extra visual interest.

Bathroom in purple

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, a bathroom in purple. This bathroom is all about functionality, modernity, sophistication, and visual appeal. Flowers, candles, and a wall sconce add extra color, freshness, romance, and glam to the space.

As purple is usually associated with wealth, honor, royalty, open-mindedness, and calmness, painting a  front door in purple is an option to demonstrate a prosperous life and thinking outside the box. In addition, it is believed that purple invites new opportunities to your home. So, how about painting your front door purple? After all, it’s just a coat of paint and if you don’t like the result, the color can be easily changed.

Purple front door

Photo: Credit

Above, a purple front door of a dark gray house. Climbing vegetation adds so much charm, color, and freshness. What a stunning way to welcome your guests!

Although purple creates unique interiors, it is a bold, dominating, attention-grabbing color. Sometimes, decorating a space predominantly in purple can make people feel intimidated by its power. If you are among those who feel overwhelmed by almost all-purple interiors yet would love to add touches of this intriguing color to your living space, you can always try with an accent wall/or even a ceiling/ or combine purple with white to lend formal spaces an aristocratic look. Generally, creating a two-tone color scheme is a stunning option to lend your space a chic, elegant, sophisticated, trendy, balanced look.

For smaller rooms, purple works well with warmer shades, such as wine red, pale pink, soft yellow, and orange. Also, purple makes fabulous combos with pale blue and pale indigo as well as with brown, green, and white.

Purple-and-white combo

Photo: Credit

Above, a contemporary living room. A purple accent wall complemented by throw pillows in the same color stands out against the white background. Accessories add to the elegance and sophistication of the space. Flowers bring in extra color and freshness. Definitely a chic space!

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Generally, don’t be afraid of the color purple, it is a versatile one. Depending on the shade, a space decorated in purple can be from super relaxing, soft, feminine, and inspiring to opulent to sophisticated to mysterious to bold and dramatic. When done correctly, purple interiors are definitely enchanting, elegant, with undeniable charm and personality.

2. Purple Accents

In case you love purple, but don’t want to overdo it making all your walls purple, you can still take advantage of this gorgeous color incorporating it predominantly through accents around your living space. It is always only a matter of taste, but some striking, dramatic purple accents sparingly displayed here and there can definitely enliven any space and take it to another level.

Usually, throw pillows are the easiest and most affordable way to introduce any accent color, enliven a space, or lend a room a new fresh look. Generally, you simply can’t go wrong adding throw pillows.

Different shades of purple

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, a fascinating teenage girl’s bedroom. Throw pillows, window treatment, wall art, and fresh flowers in different shades of purple stand out against the white background. Touches of silver add glam to the space. Definitely an impressive bedroom!

Unleash your creativity, you can try with a velvet sofa, a dining table, armchairs, poufs, rugs, bedding, vases, and even a refrigerator, flowers, and a fireplace mantel. Chances are that you will create awesome, attention-grabbing interiors.

Purple Area Rug

Photo: Credit

Shown above, a contemporary dining room with natural wood flooring and furniture. A stunning purple area rug complemented by a vase of purple flowers offer a fascinating way to introduce color accents to this warm, inviting space.


Lighting fixture in purple

Photo: Credit

Above, a home office with a distinctive feminine look. Gorgeous window treatment, an area rug, and a white chaise. A natural wood floor adds warmth to the space. Wall art, accessories, and flowers bring in extra visual interest and freshness. What immediately grabs the eye is a mind-blowing purple chandelier complemented by the chair upholstery in the same hue. Definitely an unusual yet creative, charming way to introduce purple accents!

Purple is most definitely an enchanting color. Whether used on the walls, to introduce furniture, or to add accent details, it helps create chic, elegant, sophisticated, intriguing, dramatic interiors full of charm and personality.



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