Modern Conversation Pits: Relaxed Luxury

Although sunken living rooms were all the rage in the 60s and 70s, they can still offer style, elegance, visual interest, and coziness.

As these days so many people opt for open-plan spaces, creating a casual but defined “conversation pit” is an appealing way to break up your living room into manageable zones.

A conversation can be created by recessing a step or two below the level of the surrounding room /often around a fireplace/.

Another approach is to build a platform either around the seating area or by building the seating directly onto a platform.

However, you could simply organize modular seating in a U-shape to dedicate an area as a conversation pit.

Apart from adding visual interest and personality, conversation pits offer plenty of seating while still maintaining a feeling of spaciousness and openness and keeping any living space sleek and uncluttered by furniture.

1. Cozy, Modern Spaces


Rustic loft


Although industrial spaces can tend to feel cold and empty, thanks in large part to its relaxed conversation pit, the above-shown loft manages to feel warm and welcoming.

Generally, keep the depth of the pit fairly shallow and use furniture with clean, wooden lines to make the space feel light and airy. Add pillows and area rugs to introduce pops of color and create extra visual interest. Photo: Credit

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Pops of color


A gorgeous option to create a modern sunken area, which exudes warmth, comfort, and coziness is to incorporate a fireplace.

Look at the stunning conversation pit in the picture above! Strategically placed pops of color soften the look of the wooden ceilings and concrete floors in this flooded by natural light living room. Photo: Credit 




Isn’t this space just the perfect spot to curl up around the fireplace? Photo: Credit


2. Connected with the Outdoors


Harmony and appeal


Visually connected with the outdoor space, the above-shown living room is all about balance, elegance, and appeal.

The comfortable dropped seating area lined with the same wood that accents the ceiling and walls adds to the harmony exuded by this adorable space. Photo: Credit

3. Take it Outside


Absolutely gorgeous!


Who says recessed living areas necessarily need to be indoors?

Your outdoor space can benefit just as much from a sunken seating area as your interior. Just have a look at the elegant, stone-lined patio in the picture above!

This sunken lounge area incorporating a fireplace is absolutely fascinating! Photo: Credit

4. An Air of Luxury



However, you can always add touches of luxury and glamor to your sunken living room and create a truly gorgeous space.

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Just feast your eyes on the above-shown eye candy! Giant windows with a breathtaking view, a plush sofa, which grounds the space, romantic lighting, a fire pit, and stylish accessories…

Undeniably, a classy space with charm and personality! Photo: Credit



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