Mezzanine Floor Designs

As mezzanines allow to add additional square footage, these structures are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes.


Mezzanines are intermediate floors, which  allow to relatively easily add additional square footage.

As contemporary homes are usually short on space, mezzanine structures become a popular home addition.

Not to mention that apart from extra space, they definitely bring in personality, charm, and visual appeal.

Furthermore, especially for interiors with soaring ceilings, mezzanines allow to use the available vertical space.

Are you ready to think vertical?

1. Some Help from the Heavens!


Utilize every inch

In urban homes, using every possible inch of space is an absolute must. In addition to some amazing decor and space-saving solutions, which help immensely,  using the available vertical space is the next logical step.

This is precisely where mezzanines come in. The picture above shows a smart, creative use of vertical space. Photo: Credit

Although the popular perception is that mezzanine designs are extravagant, any loft space with a visual contact with the lower level and a shared ceiling, covers the mezzanine blueprint!


Industrial touches

Whether to incorporate a home library, a guest bedroom, an artistic studio, or any private space, mezzanines can be a functional, eye-grabbing decor solution.

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The picture above shows a stunning contemporary loft with a guest bedroom mezzanine level. Photo: Credit

2. Touch of Traditional Charm

Modern approach

Mezzanines work well with open floor plans.

As homes with high ceilings usually have an open floor plan, a mezzanine level kitchen can be tucked away underneath the intermediate level.

This decor solution adds visual interest and an undeniable sense of coziness and warmth.

In the picture above, a kitchen and dining area are neatly positioned under the mezzanine level. Definitely a classy contemporary space of minimal design. Photo: Credit 

2. Creating a Visual Impact



Reclusive retreat

Focus on the staircase because the visual impact an exquisite mezzanine floor brings is as much in the staircase that leads to it as in the projection of the level itself.

When planning the staircase, consider using different textures and materials that bring in contrast and enhance the setting.

Any kind of staircase that adds interest and visual appeal can transform your living space from an ordinary one to a picture-perfect interior that will leave your guests speechless.

In the picture above, a breathtaking spiral wooden staircase leads to a mezzanine level. Photo: Credit

Whatever they serve as, mezzanines add both functionality and aesthetics that are simply undeniable. Choose from innumerable creative designs and styles to expand your home in a whole new way.

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