Interiors in Brown

Brown is an earthy color often found in nature. It helps create interiors, which radiate warmth and calmness and evoke a sense of space and security.

Being a mixture of several colors/ black, yellow, gray, green, red/ orange, and purple/, it is usually referred to as a neutral color, which makes other colors stand out.

It can seamlessly fit into any space – from living rooms to dining rooms and bedrooms to bathrooms and home libraries.

Brown definitely communicates a distinctive air of reliability and maturity.

Many people think brown is boring. However, introducing pops of orange, blue, or purple can add touches of fun, personality, and visual interest to any predominantly brown interior.

Usually associated with fall and winter, the color brown creates a warm, cozy, welcoming, endearing, nature-friendly atmosphere.

Depending on the colors it is combined with, brown interiors can look from elegant to classic to sophisticated to casual. Its shades/dark and light brown and beige/ also lend spaces different looks.

Actually, as furniture, doors, and flooring of natural wood are a favorite décor option, brown in all its variations is extensively used in interior design, there is always something brown around us. The use of unpolished wood adds depth and texture and helps create a rustic feel.

1. Ways to Use Brown in Interiors

Together with some easy, obvious ways to add brown, such as painting the walls or incorporating a brown sectional, there is an array of other options to introduce this warm, safe, solid yet to some extent conservative color.

If you like the way brown makes you feel, unleash your creativity and find unusual, unique ways to add it to your living space. From coffee and side tables to rugs, mirror frames, kitchen cabinets, and fireplace surrounds to throw pillows and even pieces of art and ceramic pots, the possibilities are literally endless, your only limit is your imagination.

As the color brown definitely creates inviting, peaceful, calm, and comfortable spaces/especially when complemented by beige/, it is a perfect, classic choice for living rooms in almost any design style, from modern and minimal to classic and Mediterranean to rustic .

However, as sometimes dark shades may look grim, always try to balance them with light dark and beige to create a soothing, adorable space.

Living room in brown and beige

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Above, a living room with a timeless appeal. Perfectly combined, brown and beige create a space that exudes comfort, elegance, and sophistication. Carefully chosen accessories and pieces of wall art add visual interest. The brown-and-beige color combo can definitely be a fascinating one!

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Accent wall

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, a contemporary living room in brown and beige. A brown accent wall with built-ins, curtains, and a pendant create an inviting space. A traditional fireplace adds extra warmth. A unique glass-topped coffee table brings in touches of modernity. Definitely an impressive space!

Sometimes, an accent color can be added to break the visual monotony created by the brown-and-beige color scheme.

Red accent wall

Photo: Credit

Shown above, an absolutely stunning contemporary living room of minimal design. A red accent wall, pieces of wall art, and a floor lamp add visual interest and personality to this space in beige and brown.

However, as already mentioned, the color brown works well not only in living rooms.

Milk chocolate walls

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Above, a sophisticated transitional dining room. In this space, brown walls complemented by a dark brown dining table, a botanical-themed piece of wall art, and planted and cut greenery create an organic feel. Definitely a magnificent dining room with charm and personality.

A common choice for decorating with brown is incorporating brown sofas, armchairs, and sectionals.

Although some might think a brown sofa is boring, when combined with lighter or accent décor items, it helps create cozy, stylish interiors.

Brown sofa

Photo: Credit

Above shown, a fresh, inviting living room. A brown sofa anchors the space. An accent striped armchair, patterned curtains, and colorful throw pillows enliven this room. Elegant accessories, wall art, and flowers add extra visual interest and appeal. This space is definitely anything but bland!

However, using natural wood is a classic way to add brown in different shades to any living space. Whether incorporated as furniture pieces, exposed beams, flooring, doors, or wall paneling, wood adds warmth, texture, depth, and an organic, vintage feel and can lend a unique look to any room.

Exposed beams

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, a magnificent space with an extensive use of wood. Exposed beams, flooring, and furniture complemented by the window treatment/all in different shades of dark and medium brown/ create a space with tons of charm and personality. A piece of wall art and accessories add extra visual interest and style.

2. Colors That Go with Brown

As brown is a natural, down-to-earth color, it works well with almost any other color. Furthermore, designers most definitely love it. Brown often replaces the neutral gray and serves a background for creating warm interiors.

Some shades of brown, such as cocoa, chocolate, cinnamon, and natural wood are a common choice because they look elegant, sophisticated, and stylish and can lend any space a fascinating look. When paired with beige, chocolate brown creates a soothing atmosphere. Being a soft shade, cinnamon brown combined with yellows and reds adds warmth and coziness. As for natural wood shades, they go well with grays, greens, and all other earthy colors. Note that cocoa brown is a strong, solid color and is a perfect choice for adding accents.

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Consider also some trendy combos, such as brown with teal blue and dusky pinks or brown with metallics.

However, a brown-and-white combo is stylish, timeless one, especially when contrasted with crisp white. The brown-and-white color pair is a surefire choice, an always winning combo, which creates traditional yet charming, dramatic spaces.

Try to combine a mundane brown sofa or wood furniture with pieces of artwork, throw pillows, and décor accents in shades of rust, mustard, or amber to take your living room to the next level.

Still another approach is to create all-brown spaces, especially if they are flooded with natural light. Furniture, textiles/patterned or not/, a rug, and framed art in different shades of brown introduce a variety of textures and against the background of mocha walls create a space with a timeless, layered look. Accents in bright or crisp white will bring in added appeal.

Note that brown and blue are a perfect pair, they definitely make dazzling, endearing combos, which add a modern flair and can enliven any space, traditional or contemporary.

Brown and blue

Photo: Credit

Above, a formal dining room with personality. Dark brown chairs with seats in blue upholstery, a unique round dining table and chandelier, eye-grabbing accessories. What a space!

Brown and yellow make another pair to consider. Especially when tans, taupes, and medium-tone browns are involved, any accent in yellow definitely stands out.

Brown and yellow

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, a fascinating living room. Accent décor items in yellow grab and keep the eye and add extra visual interest and appeal. What an inviting space!

In any design style, a chocolate brown background is a perfect choice to make purple accents stand out.

Brown and purple

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, a mind-blowing formal dining room. Gorgeous wall treatment in enchanting purple. Is paired with taupe and chocolate brown. Metallic accents add sparkle and visual interest. This space is pure luxury and sophistication.

Being a natural, solid, neutral color, brown can be used in any space and works well with almost all colors. It helps create warm, inviting, cozy, soothing interiors and imparts refinement, elegance, and comfort.

Do you think brown is dull and boring?



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