Hot Summer Color Combos

Ready for a home makeover? Willing to embrace bold, vibrant hues? Find inspiration and ideas in the hottest color combos and trends of this summer!

Want to bring some summer freshness into your living space?

Try to incorporate bright, captivating colors.

Décor items in vibrant blues, greens, and yellows will definitely turn into statement pieces.

Furthermore, you can opt for trendy color combos that can enliven your home.

Whether turquoise and red, green and yellow, or blue and orange, you have an array of options to choose from. Ready to try?

1. Opposites steal the show!

Blue and Orange Accents

Just imagine the visual impact that a bright blues and tangy oranges color combo will make! On a neutral backdrop, such as an all-white space, shades of blue used with orange accents can dramatically revamp any space.

In the charming bedroom above, only accessories in blue and orange /table lamps and throw pillows/ are used to create this stunning color duo. Photo: Credit

If you want to lend your home a chic, cool summer look and add touches of cheerfulness, try with this gorgeous color combination.

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However, as both colors are bold, with profound visual impact, use them carefully, in a well-calculated way.


2. Think beyond summer!




If you choose to decorate with more traditional color schemes that will serve across several seasons, a green and yellow combination is always a great option. Organic, joyful, and refreshing, the green-yellow duo is simple yet sophisticated and timeless!

Organic, joyful, and refreshing, the green-yellow duo is simple yet sophisticated and timeless!

Above, a cheerful kids’ bathroom full of color and personality. Photo: Credit



As both green and yellow offer an array of shades, this color scheme is dynamic, exciting, charming, and ideal for every season.

Above, an inviting living room in green and yellow. Photo: Credit




For a trendy summer look and touches of glamor, couple lime green and golden yellow, popular colors for 2014.

Above, a master bedroom in lime green and golden yellow. Photo: Credit

3. Shaded Brilliance




Although it doesn’t involve two colors, Ombre technique is another hot summer trend.

Offering both modernity and timeless classic, Ombre walls or accessories can become a chic, dynamic, statement addition to any space in your home.

Above, a lovely bedroom with blue Ombre-painted walls. Photo: Credit

4. Daring and relaxing


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When it comes to summer color combos, in one way or another, shades of blue are always involved.

Apart from the blue and orange duo, this summer introduces one more bold pair – turquoise and red.

Just imagine the sense of serenity and tranquility offered by turquoise coupled with striking red. Gorgeous!

If you opt for this color combo, use sparingly red accents and let the turquoise take over!

Above, chairs and bar stools add color and personality to this kitchen in blue and white. Photo: Credit

In case you like any of these combos, keep in mind that they can be introduced without any major overhaul, just use some fabric or other accents and simple furnishings.



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