Hot Scandinavian Design Trends

Planning to renovate your home this summer? Looking for minimal décor solutions? If so, this summer is just the right time to delve into the Nordic beauty.

Are you going to renovate your interior this summer to lend it is new, fresh look?

Trying to create a uniquely  looking space?

Do you like chic, minimal décor solutions?

If so, put away all garish colors and unnecessary frills and embrace the minimal Nordic beauty.

Combining simplicity, functionality, and esthetics, Scandinavian-style interiors unquestionably make a striking visual impact.

1. Color It Blue!

Pops of blue

Adopting a Nordic-inspired style does not necessarily mean you need to use only white and black.

Carefully incorporated pops of color or soothing backdrops that use color in a restrained way are a wonderful way to enliven any Scandinavian interior.

For some time, yellow was the favorite choice.  Now, the focus is back towards classy blue, as shown in the picture above. Elegant pops of blue enliven this minimal yet fascinating bedroom. Photo: Credit

Lovely bedroom

However, adding color to a Scandinavian-style room is all about careful planning and creating a curated look that ensures the color does not take over.

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Use small accent additions in navy, aqua, or robin’s egg blue.  Azure or sky blue can be used to create an accent wall that melts away into the white backdrop.

In the bedroom shown above, light blue wallpaper creates an accent wall and adds to the blue-and-white color scheme. Photo: Credit

Pastel blue

Another summer decorating option is to incorporate pastel blue, which complements Scandinavian style delightfully, without disturbing the overall aura of the room, as in the above-shown dining room. Photo: Credit

2. Iconic Paper Lanterns

Simplicity and appeal

Incorporating giant, whimsical paper lanterns in Scandinavian interiors is the perfect way to blend Nordic simplicity with oriental minimalism! Photo: Credit

So charming!

If you decide to add paper lanterns or lighting fixtures inspired by them to your living space, you can choose from an array of stunning, timeless masterpieces or cheaper options that will serve you well even after your Scandinavian design phase! Photo: Credit

In the above-shown living room, paper lantern-style lights add to the ambiance of the space. Photo: Credit

3. Bold, Metallic Lighting

Pops of copper

Incorporating bright, copper pendants is a trend all across the globe.

However, because of the picture-perfect white backdrop that Scandinavian style usually offers, a glittering pendant light with its metallic beauty makes an even bolder statement.

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In the picture above, gorgeous pendants dropped over the dining table bring metallic glint to this eat-in kitchen. Photo: Credit

You can always unleash your creativity and explore other metallic finishes.  If all else fails, black is another classy, contemporary option!



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