Dashing Dining Rooms With A Scenic Ocean View

Have a look at some definitely breathtaking dining rooms that will bring back your memories of the beautiful, lazy summer time.


Contemporary dining rooms are often a part of an open-floor living plan, with the kitchen and living area flanking them on either side.

Some people opt for an extravagant dining space, others prefer a small one that is cozy and elegant.

Regardless of your choice, just imagine you are among those lucky people who have a dining room with an ocean view!

Much like any other space with a view of the distant waves, the ocean becomes the showstopper of  this setting.

Furthermore, such dining rooms bring the charm of sun, sand and surf indoors.

1. Glassy all the Way!


Scenic views

The easiest decor solution to bring the outdoors inside is by incorporating floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors, as in the above-shown warm, elegant space. Photo: Credit 

Furthermore, this will visually expand the space and provide natural ventilation for a refreshing ambience.

Opt for understated, elegant decor and try not to use large lighting fixtures because they will block the view.

2. Beach-Style Brilliance


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Natural choice


When it comes to interiors with an ocean backdrop, a blue-and-white color scheme is the natural choice.

Easy to create, with an array of options for shades and hues of blue, beach-style dining rooms are charming and cheerful. Photo: Credit

Add vibrant accents – tropical flowers, wall art, jewel-toned throw pillows and vases, that beautifully complement the blue-green of the sea to create a rich contrast of colors in your interior for a truly breathtaking look.

Exquisite dining room


With such a view, you have multiple design options.

You can add some potted greenery, dark wooden accents and accessories in a soft sandy palette to lend your dining room an earthy tropical look with a modern feel.

In the dining room shown above, flowers and accessories in vibrant colors add an extra dose of visual interest to this exquisite formal dining room. Photo: Credit

What a view!


Another appealing option is combining country cottage style with nautical-inspired colors. Such decor solution offers the freedom to pick up from endless dining table and chairs options. Photo: Credit

3. Creative and Contemporary


Gorgeous dining space


Place your dining space on an elevated platform and give the space a unique appeal, as in the above-shown picture. Photo: Credit

In addition, this solution will make sure that it offers the best possible view.

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Use bold pops of color, bring in wall art, sculptural additions, beautiful pieces of furniture…

You have plenty of options to choose from.

No matter what theme you pick, as the ocean is the true focal point of your dining room, it undeniably will be a charming, awesome space.



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