Bold Color Combos

If approached with creativity, carefully and tastefully, bold color combos help create pleasing, visually interesting interiors with tons of personality.

When it comes to bold colors, always consider complementary hues/colors opposite to each other on the color wheel/, which work well if paired. Just imagine rooms in red and green, yellow and purple, or blue and orange. These exemplary pairs definitely create bold interiors.

Some analogous colors/hues, which are to each other on the color wheel/, such as lime and turquoise/, also look well when used together in one room.

Monochrome interiors, especially these in red and purple, when creatively and tastefully done, can also be both pleasing and intriguing.

Always consider adding some touches of black, unquestionably, it is a bold color, which can add elegance and sophistication to any space.

Usually, using a bold, unexpected hue to create a focal point works well, especially in predominantly neutral interiors.

When it comes to spaces in the timeless black-and-white color combo, they are inherently bold and eye-pleasing. Furthermore, when an accent in a vivid color is incorporated, it always makes a statement, adds tons of personality, and enlivens the space.

Generally, pairing neutral and bold hues is a well-working approach because, on the one hand, bold colors enliven neutral spaces and on the other, neutrals serve to balance bold hues. Furthermore, bold colors definitely stand out against a fairly neutral background.

However, try to create a sense of balance and use one or two bold hues in a space, otherwise, it might look chaotic and overwhelming.

Note that tasteful incorporating of bold patterns and textures is also a way to create vibrant interiors with a layered look.

On a side note, before applying any hue or a color combo, always test it under the actual lighting it will be used.

1. Working with Complementary and Analogous Colors

Even without profound, professional knowledge of colors, with some basic info about the color wheel, warm and cold, complementary, analogous, primary, secondary, and intermediate hues, homeowners can come up with delightful color combo solutions, including some unexpected ones, that are chic and bold, exude visual appeal and interest, and show their personality.

Generally, work with colors you love, which make you feel relaxed and happy and express your taste, after all, it is your living space.

Usually, incorporating complementary hues is a relatively easy way to create bold interiors. Whether blue and orange, red and green, or yellow and purple, when paired, complementary hues definitely look gorgeous.

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Yellow and purple

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, an appealing living room. A purple couch stands out against a yellow wall. For some extra visual interest, furnishings and accessories in shades and tones of yellow and purple are added. A bundle of patterned throw pillows in different hues creates a sense of vibrancy. Opposites definitely attract each other!

Split complementary color scheme

Photo: Credit

Above shown, a contemporary living room in a split complementary color scheme. Against the neutral background of the walls and flooring, furniture pieces make a bold statement. An oversized piece of art just above the sofa and a glass-topped coffee table add extra color, touches of modernity, and visual interest.

Turquoise accents

Photo: Credit

Unquestionably, in the formal dining room shown above, lime green paired with fuchsia creates a vibrant, wow-worthy space. Furthermore, turquoise accents add extra visual interest.

Although spaces in analogous colors tend to look somehow monochromatic, in some cases, such as when pairing lime green and turquoise, they make truly bold interiors.

Analogous colors

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, a delightful teen girl’s bedroom with a coastal feel. Creatively and tastefully used, turquoise and lime green décor elements stand out in this space. A seagrass area rug adds to the organic vibe of this interior. Definitely a fresh, modern room!

Blue and green

Photo: Credit

In the above-shown picture, furnishings in blue and lime green complemented by accessories in these colors help create an appealing space. A stunning chandelier adds glam to the room.

2. Using Bold Hues for Creating Focal Points

Some people prefer neutral interiors, mainly because you can’t go wrong with neutral hues, they always are a surefire choice.

Neutrals, such as gray, brown, beige, and white are always on trend, work well with other colors, and make the perfect background.

Unquestionably, neutrals create a soothing atmosphere and make people feel calm and relaxed.

However, sometimes, especially when not dressed up, anyone can get bored with a predominantly neutral space.

In such cases, incorporating bold colors in one way or another is an option to enliven a neutral interior, add visual interest and personality, create a focal point, and take the room to the next level.

Whether pieces of furnishings or accessories, anything can do the job, from an accent wall to sofas to chairs and bar stools to rugs, art pieces, and chandeliers.

Usually, throw pillows, window treatment/curtains, drapes, and blinds/, and even small-scale accessories, such as vases and kitchen and bathroom towels, are affordable, easy ways to add vibrant colors and different patterns, which can help create intriguing spaces.

Generally, try to think outside the box. Sometimes, you don’t even have to use pops of bold hues, a strategically positioned antique piece of furniture can add tons of personality and touches of drama and create a bold space.

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Always consider fabrics, they are also a favorite way to bring vibrant colors.

Varying shades of bold colors

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, a pleasing eclectic living room. Furniture pieces and accessories in varying shades of orange, aqua, and fuchsia are used throughout the space/including in the oversized piece of wall art/ keeping it cohesive and balanced. Bold prints bring extra interest and vibrancy. A unique floor lamp adds vertical interest. What a space!

Bold accessories

Photo: Credit

Shown above is a neutral living room with floor-to-ceiling windows. A piece of art and accessories add pops of bold colors. A patterned carpet and elegant floor lamps bring visual interest and height. Definitely an exquisite space!

3. Unexpected Color Combos, Which Truly Work Well

You don’t have to be a pro to create bold, eye-pleasing interiors, just creatively repeat some color combos that usually work well and can lend any space a stylish and inviting yet fresh look. Such combos of pink are with gold and black, with mint green/ chartreuse, or with teal. Red pairs well with taupe, green with black, as well as purple with black/brown and coral with dark green. Consider also the combos of yellow/gold, gray/brown, and cobalt blue/teal/turquoise.

Radiant Orchid and gold

Photo: Credit

Above, an elegant living room with a velvet Chesterfield sofa in goldenrod yellow positioned against a wall in Radiant Orchid. Truly impressive! A collection of art pieces, a unique coffee table, and a table lamp, whose lampshade repeats the color of the sofa add extra color and visual interest. Definitely a dramatic space!

When it comes to creating intriguing, multi-layered spaces, always consider incorporating a variety of patterns, prints, and textures, they have proved to be useful.

For truly bold spaces, opt for a triadic color scheme/it includes three colors evenly spaced on the color wheel/, such as orange, purple, and green or red, yellow, and blue.

You want to go wild and try some truly unexpected color combos? Actually, when done right and properly balanced, almost any color combo can work well. So, are you bold enough to try with a plum-fuchsia-and-black combo? Or pair coral and blue? What about pairing blue and magenta? Charcoal and red-orange, please? Outrageously bold, don’t you think?

Unexpected color combo

Photo: Credit

In the above-shown bedroom, done right, a dark gray-copper-rust combo works beautifully to create a space, which exudes warmth, elegance, and sophistication.

Can you come up with a truly bold, unexpected color combo?



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