Baroque Décor Ideas for the Living Room

In contemporary interior design, Baroque-style touches are used to create luxury, sophisticated, elegant spaces with a unique look and tons of personality. Here are some Baroque decorating ideas and baroque decoration style ideas.

Originated in Italy in the early 17th century, this design style spread to the most of the European  countries and was popular in the 17th century influencing architecture, arts, and furnishings until about 1725.

Directly associated with the reign of King Louis XIV of France and his palaces Louvre and Versailles, Baroque style is all about grandeur,  luxury, exuberance, and extravagance.

Although Baroque style refers to bygone days, it is still a source of inspiration for interior designers and they combine Baroque aesthetics with other design styles, from traditional to Bohemian and contemporary.

Generally, if you like lavish interiors, when tastefully incorporated into the design scheme, even smaller pieces of Baroque-style furnishings, such as mirrors, console tables, and coffee tables can lend an unmatchable look to your living room.

Baroque Living Room Ideas

1. Key Features

Dramatic and impressive, original Baroque-style spaces are all about splendor and luxury.  Intricately and immensely ornate, they are bold and intriguing.

Usually, ceilings, walls, and furnishings  were decorated  with images of “putti” /chubby infants/ and foliage motifs. Religious-themed frescoes were also commonly used to decorate ceilings.

In addition, paneling, wainscoting, and wallpaper add extra doses of opulence to the space and turn walls into pieces of art.

Contemporary Baroque-inspired living rooms also use plant motifs as wall decoration.

Crystal chandelier in gold furnished baroque living room #baroque #homedecor #livingroom #furniture #decorhomeideas

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In the picture above, a magnificent Baroque-inspired living room. Walls decorated with gilt foliage garlands create a sense of movement.  Intricately ornate wall brackets add extra visual interest and appeal.

A seating arrangement in gold and a set of matching richly ornate white coffee and side tables  add luxury and sophistication.

A breathtaking chandelier complemented by a fabulous table lamp and a striking oversized vase of flowers complete the look of the space.

As for the colors, bold, intense colors, such as greens, reds, blues, and browns were typically used during the Baroque era. Tastefully used, they work well with the furnishings.

However, in contemporary Baroque-inspired spaces, black, white, and gray are also an option. Note that gold is the quintessential color in Baroque-style interiors.

Baroque colors and furniture #baroque #homedecor #livingroom #furniture #decorhomeideas

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Shown above is a living room in greens and browns. Exquisite, richly ornate furniture with curved symmetrical lines lends the space a luxury, sophisticated look.

Matching floor and table lamps add a sense of harmony. Furnishings and décor items add extra visual appeal and interest. Definitely an impressive space!

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Baroque furniture, whether beds, cupboards, cabinets, tables, chairs, armchairs, lounges, or sofas, is massive, intricately decorated with complex floral patterns and carvings, with curved shapes, and an unmistakable look of its legs.

Baroque Living Room Ideas With Fireplace

Heraldic crests, monograms, and marquetry/laying of wood veneers of different colors onto the surface of furniture/ were extensively used to embellish furniture.

Always handmade with precision from high-quality woods, furniture exudes symmetry, luxury, and elegance.

Seating furniture pieces are upholstered either with luxury fabrics or leather/especially Baroque-style replicas/.

Whether with only a transparent layer of lacquer that preserves the wood structure visible or gold finish to indicate wealth and prosperity,  Baroque furniture is exemplary for its magnificence, sophistication, and intricate decoration.

Seating arrangement in red #baroque #homedecor #livingroom #furniture #decorhomeideas

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In the picture above, a magnificent Baroque-style living room. Handmade seating furniture in cardinal red with ornate carvings and golden leaf finish lends the space a luxury, regal look.

Unique matching coffee and side tables complemented by a set of matching table lamps with an attention-grabbing base create a sense of harmony.  Richly decorated walls complete the look of the space. Absolutely breathtaking!

As for furnishings and décor, the use of velvet upholstery and luxury fabric lampshades enriches Baroque-style interiors and adds to the opulent look of the spaces.

Silk and taffeta are window treatment favorite choices. Drapes are rich, elegant, and extravagant, usually tied with silver or gold tassels.

Commonly, textile patterns include florals and damasks. Precious metal embroidery and lambrequin/ tasseled cloths/ are typical for Baroque-style furnishings.

Sparkling crystal chandeliers, pieces of art and mirrors in ornate gilded frames, and hand-painted porcelain vases are key décor items, which complement the look of the Baroque-style living rooms.

Magnificent chandelier in a royal interior design #baroque #homedecor #livingroom #furniture #decorhomeideas

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In the picture above, a striking Baroque-inspired living room.

An upholstered richly embellished with carvings seating set with gilded legs, an exquisite coffee table, a collection of art pieces on the walls, a breathtaking ceiling decorated with frescos, an impressive crystal chandelier…This is most definitely a unique, fascinating space!

Window treatment for a baroque royal living room decor #baroque #homedecor #livingroom #furniture #decorhomeideas

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Above shown is an imposing Baroque-inspired living room. Bright, airy, and flooded with natural light, this living room is all about luxury, elegance, and sophistication.

Stunning chandeliers hang from a gorgeous ceiling. A decorated fireplace adds warmth to the space.

Charming matching window seats, luxury, comfortable seating arrangements, beautifully ornate coffee and side tables, matching table lamps…So adorable!

Eye-grabbing pieces of wall art, a fascinating mirror, and unique window treatment complete the look of the space.

2. Ways to Lend a Baroque Look to Living Rooms

Although Baroque style refers to bygone times, with its exuberance, luxury, decorative excess, and elegance it is a source of inspiration for interior designers. In this regard, some modern twists on this style reflecting today’s aesthetics still have influence on contemporary living spaces.

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Whether replicas of period pieces of furniture, mirrors, and artwork in gilded, intricately ornate frames,  luxury fabrics, elegantly decorated walls, or floral patterns, there is an array of ways to bring back Baroque-style lavishness and elaborate designs.

Rediscovering Baroque style, designers introduce Baroque-inspired furnishings that work well in modern interiors.

Modern takes on classic Baroque ornate coffee, side, and console tables and  mirrors as well as sofas, armchairs, and chaise lounges with floral-patterned upholstery and gilded accents are stunning solutions to opt for, the choice is yours and depends entirely on your taste and the existing design scheme of your living room.

Unique coffee table #baroque #homedecor #livingroom #furniture #decorhomeideas

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Shown above is a modern take on Baroque-style living room, which exudes undeniable elegance, luxury, and grandeur. Truly impressive!

Baroque living room decor #baroque #homedecor #livingroom #furniture #decorhomeideas

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In the picture above, a fascinating living room. Beautifully decorated white walls serve as a background against which a stunning mirror-trimmed sofa in plush pink velvet and a pair of armchairs with floral-patterned back upholstery stand out. A pair of Lucite and brass tables serves as a coffee table.

What actually immediately grabs the eye, is a magnificent marble-topped richly carved console table made of acacia wood with antiqued-gold finish.  Definitely a chic space!

When used instead of gold leaf, silver leaf, especially paired with black furniture, adds unmatchable elegance and sophistication to contemporary Baroque-inspired living rooms and takes them to the next level.

Black furniture #baroque #homedecor #livingroom #furniture #decorhomeideas

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In the above-shown living room, ornate black furnishings with just a few silver touches create a chic, luxury atmosphere. A vase of fresh flowers adds a charming dash of color and freshness to the space.

However, you don’t need to necessarily introduce statement furniture pieces to add Baroque-style touches. Sometimes, furnishings, such as curtains, chandeliers, and area rugs or décor items, such as wall art make the perfect accent piece and can also do the job.

Gilded accent wall #baroque #homedecor #livingroom #furniture #decorhomeideas

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In the picture above, a contemporary living room with Baroque touches. A golden leaf accent wall complemented by some gold accents on the furniture helps create an atmosphere of lavishness and  luxury.

Baroque style is the epitome of glamor, luxury, and opulence.

If you like ornate furnishings, sparkling décor items, and velvet, silk, and taffeta are your favorite fabrics, then, don’t hesitate to add some Baroque decoration style to the existing design scheme of your living room and lend it a unique look.



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