Add Feminine Touches to Your Interior

Incorporating flowers, floral patterns, soft colors, curving lines, frills, and sparkling décor items is an easy way to add feminine touches to any space.

Actually,  how we see a space is entirely a matter of perception and associations.

Décor items and the overall look of the space make us perceive some spaces as ones with a feminine vibe and others – just on the contrary, with a masculine vibe.

If you want to lend a space a soft, feminine look, you should focus on incorporating furniture pieces, colors, fabrics, prints, and more that “say” “feminine” to you.

When it comes to creating a space with a feminine vibe, always consider adding flowers, they offer the easiest and the most affordable way to lend any room a soft, fresh, inviting, delicate, feminine look. Cut or potted, simple or sophisticated multicolor arrangements, even a single tulip in a clear vase, flowers can take any space to the next level.

Include scented candles and create arrangements of different design, size, color, and shape, it is another simple and budget-friendly way to add romance, visual interest, and feminine touches.

Add floral-patterned upholstery or wallpaper, some pink or purple touches, delicate accessories, lush, soft fabrics, and sparkling pieces of décor, and voilà – you will have a space with a feminine vibe.

1. Flowers and Floral Prints and Patterns

Generally, incorporating greenery is a surefire way to embellish any space and lend it an organic look.

Unquestionably, this simple strategy works well when you want to add delicate, unassuming feminine touches. Decorating with greenery, fresh or potted, presents endless décor options. Positioned anywhere in any space, even the simplest bouquet looks fantastic! Whether lilacs, lilies, hydrangeas, tulips, roses, or oversized tropical leaves, the choice is yours and depends entirely on your taste.

Blooming branch

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In the picture above, a living room filled with natural light. A stunning ceiling, comfy furniture, a glamorous crystal chandelier, pops of pink…What an elegant, inviting room! A simple blooming branch in a milky white vase complemented by a floral-inspired piece of art adds to the feminine look of the space.

Flowers and floral motifs

Photo: Credit

Shown above is an awesome lavender bathroom with a freestanding white tub. Roses in different containers complemented by floral-patterned window treatment and towels create a distinctive feminine vibe. Elegant vintage mirrors add visual interest. A black chair brings touches of drama and sophistication. Definitely a space with a soft, romantic, feminine look.

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Delicate floral prints and patterns are a favorite choice for creating spaces with a feminine look. They can infuse any room with liveliness and add extra grace with ease and can be introduced in an array of ways – from upholstery to wallpaper and bedding to throw pillows and window treatment to pieces of wall art.

Floral wallpaper

Photo: Credit

Above, a glamorous lavender bedroom. A floral-themed wallpaper and pillows and a piece of floral-inspired wall art complemented by a simple bouquet create a distinctive feminine look. A statement silver French-style bed embellished with stylized leaves adds sparkle and sophistication. This space is pure perfection!

2. Colors

In terms of colors, spaces with a feminine look go far beyond pinks and purples. Instead, use soft, creamy colors to lend a room a delicate, womanly feel.

Mint green, baby blue, light gray, shades of aqua and turquoise, and soft yellow are only a small part of the options. For a contemporary twist, add pops of deep coral, bold fuchsia, or lipstick red.

Generally, any color scheme can do the job, just incorporate the muted version of your favorite color to create a pastel palette. For visual interest, add darker or contrasting accents.

However, pinks and regal purples are timeless favorites.

Pinks and greens

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In the picture above, splashes of pinks and greens, flowers, and floral motifs stand out against the neutral background and lend this living room a soft, delicate, elegant look.

Blush couch

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Above shown, a blush couch paired with gray and copper accessories…A simple yet charming bouquet…What a chic space with a distinctive feminine look. A mind-blowing low copper coffee table adds tons of personality. Truly impressive!

3. Soft Curves

Incorporating furniture pieces with a soft,  rounded shape and curvaceous lines and delicate, intricately embellished accessories is another way to lend a space a womanly look even without using the typical girlish colors. Whether an ornamental four-poster bed, a nightstand with curvy lines, replicas of French furniture pieces from the 18th-century, beautifully ornate mirrors, or an intricate tray filled with perfumes, the options are literally endless, the choice is yours and depends entirely on your needs, taste, and budget.

Curvy lines

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Above, floral wallpaper complements exquisite furnishings with curved lines to lends this bedroom an elegant, feminine look.

4. Fabrics

Unquestionably, plush, soft fabrics create a sense of comfort and a homey feel, soften the lines of furniture, and enhance the ambience. From bedding to throw pillows to bed skirts and window treatment to upholstery to area rugs, you have endless options to impart a lavish feel and create a feminine-style space.

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When it comes to fabrics, you simply can’t go wrong with velvet, satin, lace, silk, and brocade, all ooze elegance and luxury, help create a sumptuous look, add texture, and lend the space a feminine vibe.

Focus on choosing the right texture. In addition, the more texture, the better. A variety of textures means cozy layers and a chic, feminine flavor. Note that layering can easily impart warmth and add depth, visual interest, and personality.

Faux-fur pillows, throws, and shaggy rugs are favorite and affordable options to texturize any room. Go bold and create contrasts by combining different textures, such as faux fur and satin, this is a way to definitely create a space with a unique look.

Texturized space

Photo: Credit

In the picture above, an adorable bedroom. A rug, throw pillows, and bedding add different textures and work well together to lend the room a distinctive feminine look. Flowers and pops of purple add extra feminine touches. Truly a fascinating space!

5. Frills

When trying to impart a feminine feel, always consider frills, they are definitely the ultimate way to add feminine touches. Lace, tulle, pom-poms, and ruffles are some of the options to add frills to any space. Choose soft, muted colors for extra feminine touches.

If tough on budget, try some easy, affordable DIY projects. However, include frills in a subtle way and play with different textures. Otherwise, the décor might get an outdated look.

Adorned canopy curtains

Photo: Credit

Shown above, a bedroom with a canopy attached to the ceiling. Beautifully adorned canopy curtains, different textures, sparkling décor items, and delicate pops of color, which stand out against the predominantly white space lend the space a soft, feminine look.

6. Sparkle

Incorporating sparkling décor items is a fascinating way to add some extra feminine touches. Although crystal chandeliers and sconces are the favorite option, even throw pillows can do the job.

Note that accessories adorned with beads and tassels are an awesome choice to bring feminine touches in a subtle, elegant way. Ornamental mirrors and vases and feminine-inspired pieces of wall art can also add to the feminine look of any space.

Sparkle adds feminine touches

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In the picture above, this breathtaking living room is the epitome of luxury, elegance, sophistication, and femininity.

Generally, there is a plethora of creative ways to add feminine touches to any space, just stick to options that best suit your taste and lifestyle.



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