‘Zero Carbon’ House by Simon Winstanley Architects

Simon Winstanley Architects have designed the Houl House. Located in Dalry, Castle Douglas, Scotland, this amazing home has achieved a ‘zero carbon’ rating. It also has been added to the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS) shortlist of seventeen buildings for the 2011 RIBA Awards in Scotland.

This modern single storey house has been carefully set back into the landscape and constructed sustainably to create a living space with a very long level of energy consumption. It uses very high levels of insulation, the whole house has heat recovery ventilation, air source heat pump and a wind turbine. This wonderful home makes use of classic solar passive design strategies, such as clerestory windows on the north side, and principle rooms on the south side, both arranged to take advantage of the sunlight and shading in order to minimize overheating.

The three-bedroom home designed to make the most out of the day’s sun, also has super-high insulation levels that meet Passiv Haus standards. The exterior is clad in cedar weatherboarding, all of the windows and doors are triple-paned and the roof is finished in pre-weathered grey standing seam zinc.

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The Houl is an environmentally friendly house that will attract many people. It is simple, yet sophisticated at the same time. Would you like to live in a house like this?



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