Yellow Tellus Nursery School, Sweden by Tham & Vildegård Arkiteter

When we speak about kids, we should think only of beautiful and funny things.In Sweden, Tellus Nursery School is a place built for kids so it has an interesting shape and a warm color. It is a yellow building that it will definitely attract all the kids’ eyes upon it.It was designed by Tham & Vildegård Arkiteter on a certain plan based on some educational principles of “Reggio Emilia’.

Tellus Nursery School is not a conventional building but it has a curved shape and looks like that of a snake.The yellow color reminds me of the flag of Sweden which is yellow and blue and how much the Swedes love their country .It is a nice country that you cannot forget so easily once you had the chance to pay it a visit. I can assure you of that from my own experience.


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