Xove house overlooking the sea by Jesús San Vicente Domingo

This building is a contemporary residence located in Xove, Lugo, Spain. It has an imposing look and it’s mostly rough-looking. The house was designed and built by Jesús San Vicente Domingo in collaboration with David Gonzalez. The house features a total built area of 310 square meters and it sits on a site that measures 2,200 square meters.

The location of the house is very important. The site and the exact location allow it to offer views of the sea while also being visible from the land. There are two ways of looking at this structure. It can either be considered part of the landscape, a geographical feature that simply completes the view, or as a fragment of material discarded by the sea, in which case it no longer naturally blends into the surroundings. In other words, no matter how you look at it, the house is a wonderful addition to the area.

The house is a contemporary structure, both n terms of design and materials used. It has a continuous design that, when looked at up close, reveals several separate elements. The house seems to have a very simple, even primitive look. However, the same elements that make it seem this way are also the ones that reveal a certain sophistication. The house has a dual character. It’s like being two different structures in one.{found on archdaily}.

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