Wurzburg Modern Vacation Lakehouse

Blended perfectly with its background, this is an incredible modern house designed by Archimania on a wooden sub division on the Pickwick lane. The waterfront house offers amazing views of the lake as the structure is partially embedded into the sloping plot. The main area of the house is divided into two sections – public and private by the help of the entry pathway. The public zone features a low ceiling and offers exquisite views of the forest. On the other hand, the private zone opens up to the lake and allows the owner to enjoy the serene water side atmosphere.

The architects used warm,rustic materials close to nature,while clean lines and minimal interiors express the client’s affinity for modern design.

The main idea of this project was to create a comfortable vacation house with enough living and sleeping space to accommodate a large extended family on weekend getaways.The total building area is 4,829 sf  located into the steeply sloping site which reduces the home’s visual impact from the street.


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