World’s Most Expensive House Does Not Exist

Today we would like to present you a gorgeous home, along the Switzerland-Italian border. Not only is it the most expensive house in the world, but it is also confirmed to be fake. Designed by Stuart Hughes, a man with a history of announcing projects that never existed, this house was worth $12.2 billion.

The house is siting on a 2442sqm site, of which 725sqm of living space. This majestic residence houses 8 rooms, a terrace, cellar, and 4 parking places in a garage. It has huge floor to ceiling windows that bathe this house in natural light, a soft, neutral color palette that makes the space more airy and gorgeous artwork and light fixtures.

What’s more it is made out of 200,000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum fixtures and fittings (specially designed flooring made from meteoric stone and shavings of original Dinosaur bone). After a series of reputed design blogs and business blogs picked up feeds saying that the house was fake, they started to think about what the architect had said in its description and realized it really doesn’t exist.

If it were real this stunning contemporary house would raise a lot of controversy due to its materials, but it will also interest a lot of people.Although the house does not exist, who knows…it can become a reality quite soon.

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