Wood-paneling facades – texture and beauty ready to be exploited

The façade of a house is what defines it even before you get to see the interior. It’s why it’s given so much attention. Every little detail has to be well thought through. The materials you choose for the façade are very important. Wood paneling is a very popular choice and not just for rustic homes. It’s also a great option for modern and contemporary homes. Here are a few beautiful examples that reflect that.

Most often, wood is used for only one portion of the house. This way the contrast between that portion and the rest of the house becomes an element that defines the design. In this case, for example, wood paneling was chosen for a portion of the upper level that also contains the terrace.

In the case of this house, symmetry was chosen as a main characteristic of the exterior design. As you can see, the façade is a combination of black and white with wood paneling inserts. The fence that separates the property from the exterior is also made of wood so the symmetry continues even beyond the walls.

When used in combination with pure white wood paneling is very beautiful and looks great on modern and contemporary homes. But it’s even more beautiful at night when the subtle light makes it seem even warmer and more beautiful. The texture of the wood becomes prominent and the effect is charming.

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There are cases when the contrast between textures and colors is less apparent. It is, for example, the case for this house. One volume features wood paneling on the facade while anther is all white. This separation marks the difference is function between the two volumes as well.

For this house, the exterior design marks its beauty and allows it to better integrate into the landscape. The wood-paneling that covers the exterior of the house, or this particular portion at least, makes the transition between the interior and exterior areas smooth and seamless.

Here’s another example of a contemporary home with a façade that’ s also defined by contrast. The lower volume’s façade is white while the rest is covered in wood paneling. It is probably also a way of marking the different in function between the volumes but it’s also a way of drawing attention to the design without using bold colors or shapes.

Geometric shapes and models are quite popular in the case of modern and contemporary homes. In the case of this property, we can see that they are elegantly exploited. There are differences of color and textures between all the different volumes and the whole design is connected by the black-framed windows.

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Of course, the white and brown combination isn’t the only elegant visual contrast modern and contemporary homes can exploit. In fact, we found this beautiful residence that nicely combines the wood paneling with a lovely shade of grey. In addition, the large windows reflect the landscape and the combination is quite stylish.

Sometimes color and texture is not enough for a house to stand out. In the case of this one, the design is actually very interesting. There’s a huge cantilevered volume covered in wood paneling that can definitely not go unnoticed. The façade of the lower volume is similar so at least there is some form of continuity there.

The exterior of this house is also beautiful. To highlight the modern design, a simple form was chosen. The façade is dominated by large windows arranged in a two columns and the wood paneling dominates the other part. It’s an interesting balance and not just because of the materials that were used.

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