Wood Dominates the Interior of This Luxurious Big Sky Mountaintop Cabin

Situated in the Rocky Mountains on a plot of land with stunning views, a grand mountain residence is a rustic yet luxurious getaway home, made for relaxing. Located just a stone’s throw from Yellowstone National Park, the house is in Big Sky Montana, a community popular for its downhill skiing and mountain bike trails. Designed by Pearson Design Group, it’s perfectly conceived for enjoying all the area has to offer.

Calling Pointe on Andesite a cabin is a bit inaccurate because while it does have a decidedly rustic log construction style, it does not lack for any creature comforts. It was designed to accommodate not just family but also visiting friends. The entire structure is centered around relaxation and a feeling of home. This type of construction works with the location and the rugged geography, helping the structure successfully fit in with its surroundings.

Immediately upon entering, you get a sense of the rustic and casual nature of the three-level home. Interior designer Carole Young used traditional pieces to create a timeless, fuss-free look. The exposed natural logs that greet visitors are found throughout the house on both the walls and the ceilings. Most of the flooring is wood too, with the exception of some tile in one bathroom and stone in a few other areas.

All elements of the home are functional and are located to make the most of the space and the views. Speaking of the magnificent views, the house has a large number of windows that not only bring in plenty of natural light, but also give every room sweeping views of the mountains or the forest. The living room features a two-story, natural stone fireplace that dominates the space, however, the indoor balcony overhead, which is crafted from logs and branches, also commands attention.

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The living space in this luxurious mountain home includes an area where the indoors and outdoors can meld when the weather is good. The comfortable room features accordion windows that open and fold away from view, letting the fresh air. Its location high on the mountain makes this feature all the more appealing.

The dining room may be a bit more on the formal side with regard to the arrangement, but the surroundings make it casual and perfect for entertaining or a family board game night. A substantial, traditional dining set has the visual weight to match the rugged walls and natural stone floor. The heavier design is also durable for many years of family wear.

Not surprisingly, the kitchen creatively combines the rustic construction and modern kitchen elements into one very chic and functional space. An industrial ventilation hood still has a refined edge and is the focal point of the kitchen, which has everything the home chef could ask for, including a super convenient pot faucet by the cooktop. With so much wood and a preponderance of neutral tones in the home, the red woven bistro style barstools lend the perfect pop of color that brightens the room.

The master bedroom plays up the rustic vibe with its one-of-a-kind bedframe made from natural timbers. The closet doors in this room are the ideal place to add some textural design with the more intricate construction of the front panels. In the adjacent master bath, a freestanding tub is more than inviting after a day of hiking or snow sports. The bathroom is roomy and has the added design feature of the natural stone wall that extends into a handy seating area, complete with fluffy sheepskin cushions.

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One of the other bedrooms features bunk beds as well as a traditional bed, creating plenty of sleeping space for the kids. All the elements of this bedroom are hand-crafted from natural timbers as well. The adjacent bathroom is also made for a crowd, with its retro trough basin and three faucets that let everyone get ready all at once.

Downstairs is the more adult area of the home, complete with a bar and separate wine cellar. Again, rustic timbers dominate the space and vintage looking pendants cast the right vibe for the area. This too has everything a home bartender would need and includes a stylish and convenient bar sink. For wine lovers, the cellar space on the other side of the stairs includes seating, creating a relaxing space for enjoying favorite wines and engaging in conversation.

Back upstairs, just off the kitchen, a magnificent outdoor covered patio can be used in any season because it features a gorgeous fireplace and a hefty rough-hewn table, perfect for lingering on cool evenings and dining in the warmer weather. Whether it’s just two people or an entire crowd, this is a great space for enjoying the views and fresh mountain air.



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