Wonderful Reuse of a Building by Richard Peters Associates

Located in Randwick, a suburb in south-eastern Sydney, Australia, lies the Shed. Designed by Australian architect Richard Peters, this lovely home proves how much can be achieved in a very small envelope without compromising space.

This 72sqm simple brick industrial structure got an update that you will surely like. Operating as a motorcycle repair shop, secondhand washing machine warehouse, a builder’s workshop and more recently a studio for local artist, this building is now a beautiful two bedroom, two bathroom house.

Divided into public and private zones over two levels, the project responds to the city’s growing need for adaptive reuse. Inspired by Tokio where land is scarce and buildings are designed to fit onto very small parcels, the owners set out to design a new home.

The entry provides a meditating space to the living area, running its 12 metre length from living, dining and kitchen to study. You can also find a courtyard garden that opens up to the northern wall and allows light in. The soft, neutral tones create the feeling of a bright, airy space. The colorful, modern furnishings give it flavor and a fun aspect.

The Shed is an unique home and a winner in the Alterations & Additions category of the Randwick City Council Urban Design Awards.

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