Wonderful Earth Homes That Rediscover The Beauty of Nature

Earth-based houses are once again gaining popularity and although they might never be as popular and common as they once were they’ll probably become more and more relevant as we turn to more eco-friendly building alternatives. Rammed earth homes offer lots of freedom in terms of design and looks and there are some really awesome examples that follow an organic aesthetic. Similarly amazing are all the structures that seek to become one with the land and the environment in all sorts of other ingenious ways. We’re excited to share these projects with you today and we hope they can inspire you.

The whole concept of living in a hobbit home is amazing and makes a lot of people super excited so to actually be able to experience that would definitely be a dream come true. It’s easier than ever now that we can rely on prefabricated structures to make the project easier and faster. These right here are Green Magic Homes. They’re made of prefabricated panels with walls of reinforced soil. The components can be easily screwed together making these hobbit homes even more enticing. When covered in soil and grass they look like a part of the landscape.

This house also uses the earth as a construction material but It’s an above-ground structure. It was designed by architect Tatiana Bilbao and serves as a beautiful summer house, a place where the owner can come to relax and unwind, admire the views and feel one with nature. The house is very low maintenance and has been constructed in a way that reinforced its connection with nature and the environment around it while still being suited for a modern lifestyle.

The Earth House is a project completed by earthLAB Studio in Merida, Mexico. It was a project that aimed to bring harmony between the past and the present, the beautiful vernacular and the building. It distances itself from any specific trends by creating its own style. The heart of the house is a space with rammed earth walls and a vaulted ceiling covered in bricks. This area sets the ambiance for the entire house.

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When studio Luigi Rosselli Architects was asked to create housing for seasonal employees on an Australian cattle station, they came up with a really cool design. They creates a series of 12 underground rooms enclosed and connected by a rammed-earth wall with a zig-zag shape. Not only does it look very cool from a distance but this strategy allows the spaces to remain cool during the summer and to provide a retreat for the cowboys during the mustering season.

The Cave is a villa designed by studio Greenfield to serve as a hub for the researchers and staff at an animal breeding facility in the Maderas del Carmen natural park from Mexico. They built it with rammed earth walls and used rugged stone to frame it which gives it a natural and simple look. At the same time, these construction and design techniques help the building better blend in with its natural surroundings and the mountain landscape. It’s a space for socializing and relaxing and doesn’t have any bedrooms.

This is a residence built on a eucalyptus plantation in Ecuador. Due to the arid climate and harsh conditions, the soil has become very eroded over time. The architects at Rama Estudio found inspiration in this environment and chose to use very simple materials when building the house. They gave it rammed earth walls and timber beams and used traditional building techniques in order to add authenticity to the design. They also used a lot of local materials including wood, cane and bamboo to complete the project.

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This is Branch, a small shelter that architecture student Conor Denison designed and built during his final year at Frank Lloyd Wright’s School of Architecture in Scottsdale. The task was to create a sleeping pavilion in the desert-inspired by Wright’s Taliesin West house. In response to that, this small structure that measures 100 square foot across was built. It’s made entirely of rammed earth which is excellent for the desert climate as it provides thermal insulation and is also very strong and versatile.

The Valley of the Fairies is a magical little retreat near Sibiu, Romania. It’s a place gorgeous views of the mountain range and beautiful landscape but the most amazing thing is the actual little houses. They have lovely designs with undulating roofs and organic shapes that make this seem like a real fairytale world. They were built using only natural materials with walls made from a mixture of clay, wood, sand, stone and hay and using ancient building techniques.

There’s also a place in Dietikon, Switzerland that looks out of this world. It’s called the earth House Estate Lttenstrasse and it’s a project completed by studio Vetsch Architektur. It consists of several structures that look very much like hobbit houses. These earth homes are tucked beneath the ground and almost completely hidden. They have these organically-shaped facades that reveal their entrances but the rest is out of sight. The layer of soil surrounding them provides wonderful insulation at all times, allowing these underground homes to be energy-efficient. They’re all arranged around a small artificial lake.



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