Wilkins Residence in New Zeeland

This wonderful project was designed by Studio MWA Architecture and it was developed on the shore line in New Zeeland.  From the early stages this project aimed to celebrate good, functional, innovative, sustainable architecture , accentuating the opposite of ordinary , pushing the imagination close to the edge, as a matter of fact this was the  client’s exact  requirement.  The finish product has a double garage, four bedrooms, including a master suite with walk in  wardrobe and ensuite bathroom.

The building’s orientation, access and internal space connections  are the result of some very unique design solutions, unusual for residential projects. If  viewed from the outside the house doesn’t  look very interesting, on the inside the situation changes dramatically. Built on 3 levels this house combines transparency with comfort. A lot of glass and metal structures were used to achieve a wonderful modern interior. Wooden floors and comfortable couches and chairs helps you forget about the existence of so many windows and glass walls and just relax.

The color palette found inside  has warm and bright vivid colors, but used tastefully  to create the desired effect  in different  locations. From such a wonderful place couldn’t miss materials like marble, hardwood as well as modern appliances and furniture. The lighting system complements the entire structure with  decorative light to spice a little bit the open spaces.  The great extensive terraces and decks from different levels show the  owners interest for  outdoor activities and fresh air, as well as for marvelous views.{found on architezer}.

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