White single-storey residence in Teshima, Japan

This lovely building is a single-storey residence located in Teshima, Japan. The house is simple and quite small. However, it’s also old so it reached a moment when it needed a renovation. During the process, the team from CASE-REAL that was entrusted with the renovation, the house also got a new look. It was turned into a lovely white residence with a bright interior.

The outdated residence was turned into a white and refreshing home. The goal for this project was to make the most out of the house, both in terms of exterior and interior design. Even though it now seems like a whole new house, there weren’t many changes that were done to it. The exterior walls of the house remained untouched. This means that the internal structure was also preserved. However, not everything was salvageable. The roof was too deteriorated to be repaired and it had to be replaces. The courtyard also needed reconstruction.

As for the interior, that’s where most of the changes took place. The walls were painted white, the same as the exterior walls. The interior design was updated. The lounge got a more modern décor and so did the terrace. As you can see, the house is almost entirely white. It’s bright and modern and it seems inviting as well. The courtyard was reconstructed using materials such as stones, plaster and wood in order to achieve a contrasting design with different tones and textures.

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