White Sea House With A Modern Architecture

Located on the seashore, in Japan, this beach house is a wonderful example of how you can combine simplicity with beauty and functionality. Beach houses are light and airy by definition. The allow the breeze of the sea to shape their interior designs and they manage to make the users feel very relaxed and comfortable without using the usual means.

White Sea House With A Modern Architecture

Beach houses generally don’t use the natural texture of the wood or the warmth of certain colors to make their users feel comfortable. Instead, beach houses, this one included, have a very light and simple design. The interior décor is almost entirely white but, instead of being cold and uninviting, they are have quite the opposite effect. That’s because the textures are very soft and lightweight and because the airy décor gives a sense of openness and freedom that would make anyone feel comfortable.

White Sea House With A Modern Architecture

The White Sea House, as it was called, was designed by Takao Shiotsuka Atelier. It has a very clean design combined with modern architecture. The interior is white and decorated with minimalist accessories. Most of the furniture is white as well, including the sofa, dining table and chairs. The clean and minimalist style chosen for this project allows the panoramic views to become the star of the décor. The huge windows/glass walls open the house onto the exterior and the sea becomes a part of the design. The panoramic views are the element that gives this beach house character and personality.

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