What Is Cottagecore? The Raging Trend

There are constantly new trends being set and new trends being shared. It’s hard to keep up with every trend that circulates around you, but one of them that is hard not to hear about is something called cottagecore. 

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Cottagecore is a relatively new trend that everyone needs to know about. If you like farmhouse, shabby chic, or fantasy styles then you will love cottagecore. Let’s see what we can learn about cottagecore today. 

What Is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is a design style and aesthetic that is inspired by the cottage aesthetic. These would be real cottage-style homes as well as an era of time when cottages were one of the most popular home styles. 

Cottagecore can actually refer to anything that is inspired by this style. It isn’t limited to cottage-style homes but this is a very popular way to use the cottagecore design. But where did it all begin and how did people fall in love?

The Real Cottage

The Real Cottage

To get started with your cottagecore design, it’s important to begin your research and inspirations with real cottages. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere with old cottages nearby, then start there. 

Traditional cottages have been built for over a thousand years. They are very common in European countries but the styles of these cottages vary a lot. Try finding the oldest small houses in your area for close-up visuals.

If you can’t find any or if you live in the city, then go ahead and look online at Pinterest, Instagram, and more aggregating sites that have inspired you in the past. Look for the tag cottagecore for the best results.

Cottagecore Interior Design

Cottagecore Interior Design

The interior of your home is what you will see most often. Although it isn’t what bypassers will see it is where you will spend most of your time is it’s a good idea to make it everything that you want it to be.

Finding the right interior design for your home isn’t easy but is very fulfilling. you can work at this for years before you finally finish your interior space. But most homeowners know the work is never truly done 

Find Traditional Tools 

Tools and more, that is. Cottagecore can be stepped up with traditional items from another time. Or at least items that look like they are from another time. Milk cans, spinning wheels, and other items are a great place to start.

Apron Sinks And Apron Curtains

Apron sinks are great for cottagecore kitchens. But you can use any type of sink. Apron-style curtains or cabinet covers are also great options. The cabinet covers are used in place of cabinet doors and work wonders for the style. 

Add Pastels

Pastel colors are natural in a cottage. Rose pinks, baby blues, and soft yellows look amazing. You can use medium colors too but go too neon or dark won’t work very well in most cottagecore homes. 

Breakfast Nook

You can make a tiny little breakfast nook and it will look great in a cottage. You don’t need more than a few square feet of space to put a small bench or window seat. Window seats are also amazing cottagecore items. 

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Use The Attic

If you have any attic space at all, even if it a small loft, you can use it for a reading room, bedroom, or just an appealing garden area. Not using this space in cottagecore isn’t ideal so try to make the most of it.

Mix And Match

Find a few different decor items that you love and use them all. You can really do a lot with mix and match pieces in cottagecore. So try to find a few that seem to work together and enjoy that you can with this select design style. 

Reclaimed Wood

Using reclaimed wood will automatically add some cottagecore style to your home. A great idea is to create a mantle with a single piece of wood or create exposed rafters with the wood that you find in beams.

Laundry Room

A small laundry room, even if not in use, can be adorable. You don’t need a washer and dryer, just a simple washboard and metal tub can give you the same effect. Store your rolled towels on a shelf in this area.


Shiplap isn’t just for the farmhouse decor houses but also for cottagecore. You can paint it white or another pastel color for the strongest cottagecore effect. Use it on walls, furniture, and even cabinets.

Welcome Guests

Welcome guests with a nice little mudroom or entry room. Mudrooms are great for any type of house but cottages almost always had mudrooms if there was space for them, so consider trying one out.

Cottagecore Exterior DesignCottagecore Exterior DesignImage from Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

There are many different ways to make the exterior of your home appear like a cottage and adapt a cottagecore vibe. The exterior is the first thing people see and the first thing you see when you come home each day.

So of course making sure it’s all it can be is ideal. A cottage exterior is perfect to match a cottagecore interior. Try these few tips to transform the exterior of your home into a cottagecore house. 


Cobblestone is a gorgeous type of paving method that can be used on walkways and even walls. Use it somewhere along your yard for a real cottagecore look. You can even get fake cobblestone for a really affordable price. 


Shutters are one of the cheapest and most effective ways to make your house look like a cottage. Get them and either paint them or stain them. Either works, though a light-colored paint is usually the most cottage-like. 

Natural Materials

Use wood and stone as much as you can in cottagecore. These two materials will work wonders on the overall aesthetics of your house. Add crystals and ceramic touches for a slightly updated cottage look.

Fairy Garden

A fairy garden was made to be placed in a cottagecore house. You can use the fairy garden decor inside for an interior look or you can create fairy gardens outside. Use tiny ones or life-size ones for a bigger effect.

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Plant TreesImage from Southern Landscape Group, Inc.

Plant trees all over your yard! Forest cottages are quite popular are work very well in cottagecore. Find the right varieties that you feel fit your personal cottagecore style by starting with fast-growing shade trees. 

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are wonderful for cottagecore. The picturesque retaining walls you imagine when you imagine a retaining wall was first built in the cottage setting. So stone retaining walls are perfect for any cottage setting. 

Cottage VariationsImage from Chris Haver Photography

The word cottage is used to describe a lot of different types of homes and buildings. There have been all sorts of cottages throughout history and throughout the world so there are many designs to be inspired by.

We have found a few styles that encompass the cottage core vibe by finding different areas and biomes to suit your unique cottage style These are some of the key cottage styles that you can begin with. 

Beach Cottage

Beach cottages are found on the beach. They are small, quaint, and cute. A beach cottage will have more coral and teal touches and have large windows. You can get very creative with a beach cottage home. 

Farm Cottage

A farm cottage has a lot of farmhouse decor in it. But it is smaller and less ranch-like than other farmhouse homes. The point is to keep things local and inspired by what life was really like on a small farm.

Forest Cottage

A forest cottage can be found nestled in the forest. You can create your own if you live in the forest or if you can plant enough trees to give the illusion. Moss on the roof is a key point for this type of cottage. 

Medieval Cottage 

A medieval cottage can be in any setting that you want. A forest cottage is often a medieval cottage. But what makes it unique is the era and often the addition of fantasy dragons and darker aspects to the home.

Cabin Cottage

Cabin cottages are more rustic than other cottages. They will have a lot of wood and will look like a tiny lodge in the mountains. There are also darker colors like forest greens and pewter colors added in. 

Modern Cottage

Modern cottages don’t follow their own set of rules. They are simply small cottage-like homes with modern decor. Oftentimes, portable buildings or prefabs are turned into cottages due to their size.

Cottagecore Outside The House

Cottagecore is actually more widespread outside of the home. But anything that has to do with the cottage way of life is considered cottagecore. It isn’t a concrete term and is more of an aesthetic than anything.

From hairstyles to clothing to making bread in a wood cookstove, there are many types of cottagecore out there today. So find the aesthetic that works for you and go for it! It doesn’t have to suit anyone else. 



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