West Seattle Residence by Tyler Engle Architects

Here is another Seattle Residence, but this time it comes from Tyler Engle Architects. The house was recently renovated and transformed from a small area into a modern residence featuring the latest furniture and home accessories.

An entry sequence of dramatic contrasts that alternately opens and constricts increases the perceived width of the interior. This same alternation of expansion and contraction occurs vertically with low intimate ceilings punctuated by vertical shafts for daylight penetration and visual connection between the floors. It’s modern, elegant, simple, with little unusual details that make it stand out. This is how a real modern house should look like.

It has a lot of wood which created a nice warm and cozy feeling. Wood is always a nice option when it comes to family homes. It gives you that sense of comfort that you should have, it makes you feel like home. Renovating doesn’t always mean that you need to radically change everything.


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