Welcoming Dutch Colonial Home in Texas

“North and South” is a very nice film where you can admire the beautiful colonial style of the houses. It is a film about the abolition of slavery and the differences that were between the two regions based on their mentality and way of thinking.

In Texas there is for sale this lovely Dutch Colonial style home which was originally built in 1907 and then restored so that it was kept much of its colonial charm. Its front view and construction reminds me of the houses I saw in “North and South” with those impressive stone pillars in front of the house.

It is a building with four bedrooms and three full baths with a study. Every room is very spacious and is separated by the others by French doors. The natural light and use of different nuances of beige and white increase the idea of space and light and make of this place a warm and welcoming space where relaxation is the key word.

The foyer is a place where the classic pieces of furniture are combined with some modern elements. You may notice the classic chandelier or the transparent table in the middle of the room. From here you may go upstairs or you can reach the living room.The living room preserves the same combination of elements, although there are more of vintage style like the chandelier, the lamps or the bookshelves.

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The dining room amazes you with its modern light fixture and the presence of a classic wood dining table and chairs.Finally, the master bedroom offers you a fairy tale calm atmosphere once you notice the classic bed and the abundance of a warm natural light that comes inside.{found on amiusmie}



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