Weekend house situated by a riverside in Chiba, Japan

This beautiful and modern piece of architecture can be found in Chiba, Japan. It was a project designed by Keiji Ashizawa Design with Keiji Ashizawa, Lie Honjo, Silvia TasaniÅ and structural engineer ÅFASA Akira Suzuki. The construction was completed in 2007. The result was a beautiful weekend house situated by a riverside. Considering the location, the architects working at the project has an ingenious idea. They’ve made the part of the house coming out of the sloe resemble a ship.

The house is functionally divided into two volumes. One of them is for private areas and it includes the master bedroom and a child’s room while the other consists of a kitchen and a living room. Between the two volumes there’s an exterior deck that is often used as an outdoor dining area. Parallel to the river, on the upper part, there’s the bathroom and the guesthouse.

Since the house was designed parallel to the river, this means that the room located on that particular part can enjoy the beautiful river views. The other ones are equally lucky, since on the other side there’s a beautiful forest. The big windows and the glass walls and doors further increase the effect the surroundings have on the inhabitants. As a weekend house, the location has been well chosen. It’s a quiet area, with beautiful landscape and inspiring views.{found on archdaily and pics by Daici Ano}

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