Weekend House of Pantano de San Juan

The house where we live is a bit different from a weekend or holiday house. First of all you don’t carry all the things you own in a holiday house and second – you come mainly to enjoy the scenery, so this is your main focus rather than the things you can do indoors. Located in Spain, this is a weekend house with gorgeous view of the San Juan reservoir.

The owner choose to incorporate a security system control and management.The exterior of the house is really simple, made entire from concrete with some glass spaces which are high enough to cause any safety issues.

The architect company Vicens + Ramos choose a combination of rocky, gravelly materials, and at the same time leaves some open space for some awesome views. The house is pretty big in size for just a weekend house, but it is made with the purpose of having a great view over the surrounding area. You can say that just looking at the way it was built: located on top of a small hill, it opens up to the places around it like an observation tower built horizontally. The huge windows allow you to see everything from the house, without having to get out , but you can always use the blinders for more privacy or shade. {found on plataformaarquitectura}

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