We Start The New Year With A Stylish Contemporary Residence In Barcelos by Rui Grazina

Beauty,freshness,dreams,truth,imagination,feeling,faith,trust…this is the beginning of a New Year!

This beautiful house is located in Cambeses, Barcelos, Portugal. It was a project by Rui Grazina. The house sits on a 300 square meter area on a 3300 square meter plot. The construction of the residence was completed in 2011. Part of the plot is actually in a green protection area so it’s both functional and it offers beautiful views.

You can access the house both by foot and by car. Since most of the beautiful views are towards east, that’s where most living spaces are located too. The rest of the rooms are facing south and they benefit from the sun and all the natural light that get inside. There’s a strong dialogue between the interior and the exterior spaces and a certain continuity throughout the property.

The interior has been functionally divided. The social areas are mostly located on the ground level while the private areas of the house can be found on the upper level where they can benefit from the panoramic views. The construction of the house started in November 2008 and was finished in 2011. The site was not exactly flat so the house has two levels on the east side and only one on the western side. It’s a simple, contemporary residence with a beautiful architecture and an inviting and elegant interior décor.{found on archdaily and pics by Nelson Garrido}

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