Water Tower Turned Into a Home

There are plenty of unconventional houses. Some are old churches, others are boats, but a water tower house is something we don’t see as often as the other ones. Nevertheless, this was the dream of Patrick Mets who always wanted to was fascinated by water towers since he was a teenager and always wanted to live in one.

In 1996 he managed to find one that had just what he wanted so he bough the place, even though it had been previously sold at a public auction. Later, he found out that buying the place was the easy part. Because the tower was located in a protected zone with restrictions on construction, he had to spend eight years before he found a loophole that allowed him to pursue his dream. He declared the tower a historic building so he was allowed to turn it in a family home as long as he kept the structure intact, which is exactly what he wanted.

With the help of Mauro Brigham he then managed to restore and redesign the tower and turn it into a lovely family home. In 2009 the renovation was complete and Mr Mets could finally move in with his partner Valérie Lecherf, her daughters Valérie Lecherf and Justine and the family cats Fidel, Castro and Grizzly. The top level features the kitchen and living room, below is the master bedroom, the fourth level is the family bathroom, the third level belongs to Ms. Lecherf’s daughters and on the first and second levels are the main entrance area, which doubles as a two-car garage in the winter, and the storage and utility rooms. It might be unusual to live in a water tower, but for this family it’s just home.{found on nytimes}

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