Warm and Eco-Friendly Braver House in Newton

If many years ago people were satisfied with some small houses which offered them the minimum comfort and living conditions, now their demands are more sophisticated and the tendencies are to create spacious houses.Still, the preferences are various and there are people who love small and warm houses and others who like big and comfortable living spaces.

Braver House is a nice building, located in Newton, USA which can definitely satisfy various tastes. SsD Architecture intended to create a building maximizing its perception of interior space and minimizing its physical appearance. The idea was to design a building which apparently does not cover too much of a surface but can offer a spacious and comfortable interior. There are two methods to achieve this thing: by expanding a diaphanous screen to the setback line expanding the territory of the interior to the exterior, and by shifting the plan and section to capture elongated views from inside to outside.

Those who love warm places will be definitely thrilled with this house. Its floor to ceiling windows increase the amount of natural light and the abundance of white adds more light and space. Still white is contrasted by natural wood color which is a dark brown.Here you can admire the airy bookshelves where you can deposit various objects too, the warm office corner or the spacious dining room which offers great views of the exterior. This room keeps the same nuances of white and brown even for the dining table.

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The multitude of windows of different sizes create an interesting design for this building and helps the house get more and more natural light for all its interiors.Braver house is also a great eco-friendly building. The diminutive size of the house is coupled with a completely passive cooling system, a solar powered radiant heated floor and super insulated walls and roof.{found on archdaily and pics by Chang Kyun Kim}.



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