Vuss Municipal Campground Restoration by Julien Boidot architect

Developed in 2007-2009 in Rue du port Liberge, 72500 Vaas, France, this had to be a rehabilitation project. However, after looking at he existing facilities and inspecting the are a little, Julien Boidot realized that some new buildings needed to be added in order to make this a success. The budget for this project was 197.000 € so those working there had to keep it simple.

The project area was 120 sqm and there were some requirements regarding the project. They weren’t requirements per se but more like some strategies developed by the architects to guide them throughout the process. They had to highlight the site and to create a combination of natural and artificial structures. For that to happen they had to add three new structures: the reception pavilion, indicating the entrance, the bathhouse and the hôtel de ville and church bell. Another goal was to renew the image of the existing campground through the use of an elementary wood architecture. The wood provides warmth and comfort and it’s a simple but easy to use material.

Finally, the last requirement was to optimize use and maintenance. They did that by using sustainable and durable materials that blend into the surroundings and help create a natural look. So, in the end, the rehabilitation project was a little more complex than anticipated and the final results were both surprising and rewarding.{found on archdaily and pics by Stéphane Chalmeau}

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