Vistas del Angel’s Beautiful Homes

Dream homes…these are two words that we often hear from people when talking about architecture. Also, this is what we want for our own house to look like, to be luxurious and beautiful, just as we thought it would be. If you want some inspiration, then take a look at this gorgeous home named Vistas del Angel.

Antigua-based studio LAKP Diseño & Desarrollo have designed this lovely house that consists of 12 amazing homes. Located in Guatemala City, perched on a steep sloping terrain this residence captures beautiful views of the surroundings. Spread across 2,700 square feet of space, Vistas del Angel offers a loft-like interior space for you to enjoy. This building was designed in three phases, making sure that the home will be able to sustain its own weight in the seismically active area.

All the homes have long glass expanses giving a clear view of the nature. The walls are light gauge steel sandwich panels; some of them also have a wooden Prodema rainscreen built out of aluminum composite materials. The interior spaces are luxurious, have modern furnishings, state of the art appliances and are enriched by exposing the structure steel.

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Vistas del Angel was a project designed for affluent professionals in their thirties, so they developed a contemporary lifestyle. It is truly a gorgeous place to call home.{found on homedsgn}



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