Visiting the BMW World in Munich

BMW Welt is located in Munich,Germany near the BMW Headquarters and Olympiapark. The building functions as an exhibit area and it’s customer-friendly oriented. There you can find the latest BMW products and the structure also functions as a distribution center for BMW cars. BMW Welt actually means BMW World and the name in this case is very suggestive.

The construction of the building actually started in August 2003 and it was supposed to be ready top open for World Cup 2006. That was impossible to achieve and instead it opened in the summer of 2007. Customers were welcomed inside beginning with October 17, 2007. BMW Welt was a project developed by architects Coop Himmelb(l)au for BMW Group. The original idea was to create a multifunctional building.

The result was what the architects were planning to achieve plus a big plus from the sustainable nature of the building. BMW Welt has an 800 kilowatt solar plant on the roof. The interior design of the building is bold and modern with curved bridges and stairways and balconies that seem to be suspended in the air. The structure of the building is mainly made of steel and glass featuring a triangular shape and it weights 720 tons. The futuristic shape makes it eye-catching and turns it into a landmark in the area.{found on architectism}

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