Vintage English country estate in the Hollywood Hills

Originally built in 1927, this house has a long and rich history. It’s not just time that makes it special. This estate belonged to Noreen Halpern, executive producer of HBO’s “Hung,” and her husband, Kevin Murphy. They decided to sell the place and all the beauty that comes with it. The English country-style property has lots of wonderful features.

The interior is very charming and beautiful. The rooms are spacious and feature elegant decors with traditional influences. The living room features coved ceilings and a wonderful fireplace with brick accents. The room also has hardwood flooring and a cozy private reading cove. The dining area features accent to an outdoor patio.

It’s an open and airy room with an elegant interior décor. The kitchen has a slightly more modern look. It’s equipped with stainless steel appliances and features a functional and space-efficient design. The master bedroom is situated on the top level of the house and it’s an inviting and serene room with beautiful and expansive views.

The house doesn’t have a very imposing stature when seen from street level. However, as you approach, it becomes more and more charming ad beautiful. It has a very nice vintage patina and all the brick accents and the entire selection of materials give it an old but elegant look. The outdoor areas are also very beautiful. The estate has a pool and wonderful views over the garden, courtyard and the surrounding landscape.

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