Villa Topoject located in a mountainous area by AND

Located near Seoul, more exactly in Gyeonggido, Korea, this house is a hybrid from multiple points of view. When it comes to this house, the distinction between object building and landscape buildings doesn’t even make sense anymore. The house uses the rigid landscape in its favor, creating a unique and intriguing design.

Also, because of the location, the owners are in permanent contact with nature, feeling like locals, but in the same time they are constantly invited to admire the incredible views and everything that the surrounding nature has to offer, which is mostly what tourist do. Moreover, the distinction between open and private spaces is not that visible in this case.

This is a small house, suited for a couple or a single family. It’s not a home for a family with children. It’s more like a private retreat where two people can come to have some quiet time and to relax and enjoy each other far away from the busy city but close enough to still feel connected to it. Because of the landscape, the house also features several semi-private outdoor spaces, for sunny days or for fresh mornings, when the owners can enjoy a cup of coffee while admiring the nature and breathing the fresh air. The house was designed by Architecture of Novel Differentiation (AND) and it was built in 2010.

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