Villa S2 – a sustainable property defined by a modern and open design

Located in the IJburg area of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Villa S2 is the latest project developed by MARC Architects. The property has a very interesting design. It’s best defined as a very modern residence with a very airy and open design. The actual shape of the residence becomes more striking at night when the actual structure can be easily distinguished, especially when the light gets through all the transparent surfaces.

Inside, there’s a great sense of spaciousness. The high ceilings are imposing but become less striking thanks to the vast floor-to-ceiling glass walls. What’s also interesting is the fact that there are large glass walls on all sides and thus the views can be admired from all angles. The two-story villa offers wonderful views beyond the IJ Lake. Of course, the openness doesn’t come from the windows alone. The internal structure was designed to maintain the airy and open feel.


The rooms are vast and form open floor plans with areas separated by columns or dividing partial walls and, overall, there’s a very clean and simple décor. The residence also maintains a strong connection with the outdoors thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows and the tiled terrace and sits on top of the surrounding garden. The terrace manages to let nature invade its structure and to harmoniously integrate into the overall design.

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Villa S2 was also a sustainable project. It features a very beautiful balance between technology, cost, aesthetics and function. It has an overall simple but intelligent design and was built using sustainable and natural materials, the result being an energy-efficient residence. The façade of the building is covered with white stone panels. The wood portions add warmth to the design and also give it a natural look. Inside, strong bursts of color make the décor seem dynamic and modern.{pics by Drent Fotografen Groep}.



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