Villa Mayavee, A Dream Place

It may be considered one of the best holiday destinations ever! So, if you have the chance to go to Thailand, you definitely have to go to this particular place which is Villa Mayavee designed by Tierra Design. It is so beautiful, that it makes you never want to leave. The combination between the modernity of the building and the traditional, but taken care of landsape, makes you fall in love as here you have all the things you can dream about a house, all gathered in one place: view toward the ocean, relaxing places, no matter if you are inside or outside.

Everything gives you the impression of a luxurious hotel with a perfect combination of materials: glass, marble, wood, stone. Both owners and guests have the same privileges of having fun and ralaxing, either in the pool or admiring the unique landscape, meditating  and enjoying the sun and the natural beauty.

The huge but perfect glass windows help you see everything from a different, but pleasant  perspective, even at night. The design is perfect, as you cannot take your eyes from this magnificent place which is definitely an ideal home, a drem place. Once you see it, you feel it is the perfect holiday destination and you want to come back.

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