Vassilis Residence in Nicosia, Cyprus

This hill top house is best positioned as it utilizes the views surrounding that place very well. The high rise design by VARDAstudio of the building gives an entirely different look to the house. The space has been utilized well even to have room for a swimming pool, an indoor garden, office space and even games room. As the site where the house is built is very hilly and has dry terrain the house has been designed accordingly and the design is a great work.

The glass Bridge and the v-shaped pattern all proves theta the design has been made after thorough research which has resulted in this marvelous house. People are often discouraged to build houses in such an agricultural areas but this house proves that if designed properly how even this rough terrain can be turned into a nice building site. The modern designs together with proper utilization of space available makes this hill top house a beautiful place to live in.


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