Vance Lane Residence – An Inspiring Home With A Functional Design

Located in West Austin, Texas, this residence has 3700 square feet and hosts a family of four. Seen from the outside, it doesn’t look very different from any other modern building. Rectangular forms fall into place under the consent of Chioco Design team and the result is simply amazing. The backyard and a small pool are two other puzzle pieces that complete the image of a dream home. Oak trees are part of the landscape, but the true beauty of this house lies beneath its walls.

No matter how big and complicated may seem on the outside, the interior of this house has a simplified and practical design. Not only it provides access to a peaceful view through the large windows, but also stirs up an intimate feeling. All of a sudden you feel like you belong here.

Four types of wood were used to shape the interior of this stunning home, but of all the furniture, we were impressed by the kitchen island, which apparently was custom made. A single slab of walnut and look how well goes combined with white oak!

There is one more thing you should know about this house. Because the space allowed this, the owners and the designers thought about potential guests, and they decided to create special guest quarters for them, offering all the facilities. The access to this area of the house will be through a transparent corridor that also leads to the pool.

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Somewhere very close to the kitchen area is what I call the Zen corner of every house: a reading nook with double height bookshelves and a ladder that will make you feel like in an old library. The high window behind is very well placed and brings up natural light, thus creating the necessary needs for reading in peace.



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