Van der Jeugd Architects’ Concrete House in the Netherlands

Van der Jeugd Architects have made a new piece of art in Almelo, Netherlands. Located in one of the newly residential areas, it is siting on a plot that is in the vecinity of an open lot, thereby creating beautiful views for the owners.

The customer’s eye was caught by the situ-cast concrete design of the architects. When designing the house the architects had to take into consideration light fall, and have came up with an interesting space with rough elements, that make this particularly home a stunning masterpiece.Not only do the floors have their own character, but they also provide intimacy and minimal spatial separation. Furthermore the location of the balconies and outdoor spaces were carefully chosen in order to experience wonderful views.

To conclude, the Meyer House is more than an usual home; it gives the residents the posibility of discovering new things every day about their concrete house living.{found on archdaily}


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